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Saturday 16 February 2019

Corrie weekly update - Fire, Fights, Friends and The F Word

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Weatherfield went up in flames this week when Peter’s boat caught fire. Roy’s the one to blame but as he was sleepwalking when he knocked over a lit paraffin lamp, he knows nothing of what he’s done. Carla, however, does. She’s forced to look at the factory’s CCTV and clearly sees Roy sleepwalking to the boat and accidentally setting it on fire. Simon’s caught inside the boat and taken to hospital with smoke inhalation. The roof of the factory is damaged too. To protect Roy, Carla deletes the CCTV footage of the fire and gets rid of Roy’s clothes and shoes that smell of paraffin. Meanwhile, the cops quiz Abi whom Peter blames as the culprit. Carla, jealous of Abi and Peter’s relationship, keeps schtum about Roy, and she’s happy for Abi to take the blame - for now.

Elsewhere this week, Shona’s son Clayton gets in touch with his mum to tell her he’s terrified of being in jail and there’s some big lads out to get him. He should have thought about that when he murdered Kylie Platt, shouldn’t he? I have no sympathy for the lad, but he’s Shona’s son and pulls at her heartstrings. Clayton tells his mum the only way to protect him in jail is to smuggle in drugs for the lads who are threatening him. Shona wants to do it to keep her son safe but Nick finds out what’s going on and stops her.  David’s the last to find out what’s going on, and isn’t best pleased, as you can imagine.

Over at Tyrone’s house, he’s struggling with Fiz away and it’s Mary who comes in to help. She cleans, she cooks, she puts a hot water bottle in Tyrone’s bed. When Kevin finds out what Mary’s doing for Tyrone, he puts doubts into Tyrone’s mind that Mary’s got a crush on him. Tyrone brushes this off and tells Kev not to be daft but then a Valentine card arrives. He wonders who it’s from and in the Rovers with Kev they look at Jenny and wonder if she sent the card to Tyrone. Jenny spies them looking at her and muses to Johnny at the bar: “Younger men are often in my thrall.” I’m still chuckling about that. Anyway, Tyrone then finds out that the Valentine’s card has Mary’s handwriting inside. Is Mary really after “tiger” Tyrone, as she calls him?  He tells Kev he’s worried and Kev replies with a wonderful line of dialogue from Jonathan Harvey about Mary: “She’s the sort of woman blokes write songs about.” 

Meanwhile, Chesney and Gemma try to step their friendship up a gear to a proper relationship but it’s not without its difficulties. Gemma’s as common as they come and Chesney struggles with her at first, especially when she utters a swear word in front of Joseph and the boy repeats it to Chesney. Finally Chesney and Gemma, alone at last in the kebab shop, get it on behind the counter under the kebab machine.

And finally this week, Tyler’s mum Vicky gets her son a job at the Bistro washing the pots.  She wants to do right by Amy’s baby, her grandchild, but Steve and Tracy don’t want Vicky anywhere near them or their daughter, for now.

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This week’s writers were Susan Oudot (Monday); Owen Lloyd-Fox (Wednesday); Mark Wadlow and Jonathan Harvey (Friday). Find out all about the Coronation Street writing team at Coronation Street Blog: Exclusive: All Current Corrie writers online

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