Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Shelley King: Sexuality, stage show and a secret talent

Shelley King, who plays Coronation Street's Yasmeen Nazir, is interviewed in this week's Inside Soap magazine. It's my favourite kind of interview because she answers questions sent in by fans.  

She chats about the Kate and Rana storyline after Inside Soap asks her: "You've been open abuot your own sexuality, what do you mean of the storyline between Rana and Kate?"

She replies: "When I was Bhavna's age it was very difficult to be gay and people before me had found it very hard to come out. Things have changed and I think programmes like Coronation Street which explore the difficulties of sexuality and transgender are paving the way to help see that we're all human beings.  Rana is a Muslim character and her mum is very anti - and then you have Yasmeen, who is actually very supportive of Rana. And this reflects the Muslim community - there are people who understand and there are people who do not. Their opinions must be valued and we must all learn to live with each other - that's the lesson of the storyline."

She says that the people who makes her laugh most at work are Ian Bartholemew, who plays Yasmeen's love interest Geoff Metcalfe, and Peter Gunn, who plays Brian Packham.

And as for her secret talent? She said that she did a lot of jazz work and at drama school everyone assumed she would go into musicals - and she nearly did. I didn't realise this, but Shelley was in stage musical Bombay Dreams and while she was in the show, she was interviewed on the radio. It's interesting and you can listen to Shelley King here.

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