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Friday 22 February 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 22 February

Evening Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review (only one episode tonight, not sure why? Maybe Rocky V has messed with the schedules?).

In the caf√© Roy has noticed that his beloved beige coat is missing. This follows on from the loss of his similarly coloured slippers and is clearly a bridge too far for our favourite beige-on-beige devotee. Carla tries to take his mind off it by buying him a brand-new coat. It’s a three-quarter-length brown leather jacket with far too many pockets. God knows what the thought process behind this purchase was? It looks like the sort of item that would be worn by unshaven men who hang around betting shops and think that the Taken films are a masterpiece of cinema. Wisely Roy rejects it in favour of continuing the search for his own jacket.

Meanwhile over at the factory the knicker-stitchers are making some novelty red drawers whilst planning Sally’s please-speak-to-your-sister-again-despite-her-trying-to-shtuup-your-husband party. Carla generously puts in a wedge of cash, and with the party fund topped up Gina puts it in a brown envelope marked ‘Sophie’ and posts it through the Webster’s door. There it’s found by Kev and Jack who decide that it’s money from Sophie to pay for the digital detox holiday they want to go on, and immediately pack their bags and leave. None of this makes any sense of course. Can no one talk to each other? You know, normal conversation like ‘Soph could you look after some money for me? Oh great, here it is’. Or ‘Is this money (that I wasn’t expecting) for a holiday? No? Oh ok, thanks for confirming’. When Sophie tells Gina that she never got the cash everyone naturally suspects Gina of stealing the money. Beth kicks her out, and Sophie reluctantly has to let her stay at No.13.

Still at Underworld, eagle-eyed Paul has noticed that the novelty knickers all say, ‘Sex Boob’ rather than ‘Sex Bomb’ and Kirk is told to throw the lot in the recycling bin. As he does so he finds Roy’s missing coat, and with a bit more digging the slippers turn up too. I’m rather confused by this as well. Didn’t Carla put them in the back of her car a few episodes ago? I know she wears heels that are rather impractical for walking in, but did she really need to drive to her own bin?

In other news, Shona decides to attend Dane’s funeral in the hope of seeing Clayton. Tedious couple Kate and Rana meet up with Kate’s old school friend Lolly and whine about how they’ve invited too many people to their wedding, and the McDonalds get gazumped in their purchase of 12 Victoria Street by Claudia. Incidentally, I’ve noticed that Claud speaks about herself in the third-person which I’m sure is one of the signs of extreme narcissism. Just what does she need the extra space for anyway? Is she planning to convert the front parlour into a dungeon where she can bathe in the blood of freshly slaughtered virgins to preserve her youth?

Also, Amy has still failed to mention her termination to her parents. How long does she expect to keep this up for? I know Steve and Tracy can be a bit self-absorbed but I’m pretty sure that at least one of them would notice the lack of a bump after a while.

Finally, Roy is determined to get to the bottom of the jacket and slippers mystery and eventually Carla tells him that he started the fire and that she covered it up. He tells her that she had no right to withhold the truth and goes to Peter’s to confess and apologise. Peter is furious with Carla. He tells her that for Roy’s sake he won’t take it any further, but that she owes Abi a public apology. Later in the flat Roy, having already been to the police station to make a statement, tells Carla that he is bitterly disappointed with her. He thinks that she felt satisfaction in seeing Abi suffer and that her obsession with Peter could have landed an innocent woman in jail. Carla defends herself but you know she realises there’s some truth in Roy’s accusations. Is their friendship over?

I’ve been Kelly and I’d be interested to know what everyone thinks of the current raft of nonsensical decisions made by Corrie characters? Is it niggling you or can you just go with it? I mean let’s face it Dickens is full of absurdities. I spent most of ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ shouting ‘WELL JUST DON’T GO BACK TO PARIS THEN!’ 

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Enjoyable write up that picked up all the clunky points that occurred to me too. If Sophie is living with Kevin, why would she put an envelope through the letter box? Wherever she's living, if not with her father, she'd have a key. She'd put the envelope somewhere he'd see it in the house with 'Dad' on it. Clunk. Carla puts Roy's clothes in the factory bin where anyone could see them. Clunk. This is the lead-in to Carla's stand-alone episode. I'm sure it will be excellently acted. Shame I couldn't care less about Carla and I'm slowly losing interest in Peter. Kevin's not allowed to take his mobile phone and he hasn't left the phone number of the centre in case of emergencies. Clunk.

Anonymous said...

Claud is going to be disappointed in her quest for fresh virgins to slaughter in Wetherfield as this is a place where teens fall pregnant on a routine basis.

dhvinyl said...

Can I just say, probably not for the first time, that Kelly is brilliant?! Thank you for always treating Corrie as the nonsensical but addictive tosh that makes it essential viewing. I hope, like me, you spend most of time shouting questions about all the non sequiturs before writing them down. No one else comes near your wonderful observations...a true Corrie critic.

Kelly said...

Thank you so much David. And yes, I love Corrie but can't help picking up the silliness!


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