Friday, 22 February 2019

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Fri 22 Feb

Friday 22nd February Hour Long

HAS GINA LIED ANOTHER DAY? Gina starts a collection for Sally’s party and is thrilled when Carla makes a generous donation. She pushes the envelope through the letter box at no 13 for Sophie but Kevin finds it and thinks it is money from Sophie for Jack’s holiday, delighted they pack their bags and leave. Gina discovers Sophie never found the envelope and the cash has vanished. Gina and Sophie break the news that the party is off as the money has disappeared. Everyone suspects Gina and Beth tells her to find somewhere else to stay. Sophie reluctantly lets her stay at No. 13 till Kevin returns.
SHONA GETS HELP FROM BILLY AND PAUL Hearing how upset Shona is Billy asks Paul to keep his ear to the ground for any info on Clayton. Paul reveals that Clayton is being let out for Dane’s funeral. Billy suggest Shona goes so she can see how he is. When Shona admits that she’s planning to attend Dane’s funeral in the hope of seeing Clayton, David’s supportive and implores her to be careful.
ROY CALLS CARLA OUT Roy accuses Carla of letting Abi take the blame for the fire as she is still in love with Peter. 
ELSEWHERE Gary surveys the damage to the factory roof and promises Carla he’ll do her a quote.

Kate’s thrilled when her old school friend, Lolly, calls in the bistro. Lolly makes it clear she expects an invite to the wedding. Kate introduces Rana to Lolly and reveals how they’ve unwittingly invited far too many people to the wedding. Lolly reckons she can solve their problem. When Steve shows Amy some booties he’s bought for the baby, Amy covers her guilt. Steve’s gutted to find out he’s been gazumped on the new house. When Claudia reveals that she’s buying 12 Victoria Street, Steve and Tracy are furious to realise that she’s their gazumper.

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