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Thursday 28 February 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 27th Feb 8.30 pm

As promised, here is part two of Wednesday's Corrie, all wrapped up in a handy blog review.

Tracy tells Steve that Amy has had a miscarriage and Amy lies, telling her mum she went to the hospital three days ago. Feeling guilty, Tracy wishes she and Steve had been there for, but Amy tells her that Bethany was by her side.

At No. 8, Shona finally admits to David about the DVD and the drugs deal. Realising that they can't overcome Clayton, he decides it's time she left the house for good.

Brian struggles to rescue Daniel's essay conclusion and admits defeat. Facing the truth, he decides it's time to tell Daniel (via Sinead) on a visit to the Rovers. All is saved anyway as Daniel had the essay backed-up and hastily emails his work to university, which Brian has completed.

Also at the Rovers, Kevin admits to Sally that he took the cash, and used it to pay for Jack's digital detox trip. Gina, however, still decides its time to leave Weatherfield for Newcastle, but not before taking some time to contemplate in the community garden. Soon consoled by Kevin, Gina's mind is changed and her ex-brother-in-law offers her a place to stay at his house. Sally meanwhile, tells Tim that she is unconvinced of Gina's innocence.

Billy tells David about the funeral fracas leading David to reconcile his anger. Although supported by Gail, Shona soon has a visit from the police.

Gemma thanks Rita for letting Paul stay and tells her all about the new bail hostel. Rita fills Claudia in on the new bail hostel which they both denounce. Billy, however, being the professional Christian, disagrees with the raving redheads.

Tracy goes ballistic at Bethany about the 'miscarriage' until Bethany coaxes Amy into telling her that she actually had an abortion after all. Amy also admits the truth to Steve.  Tracy and Steve feel guilt at being selfish and ignoring their daughter's plight.

Questioned by a detective, Shona tells them that she doesn't know where Clayton is, and she probably isn't a target for the fugitive either, yet Clayton remains on the run. With Lily poorly, Shona heads to David's car to take some medicine over to Nick. Getting in the car, Clayton is hiding behind the driver seat, and pleads with his mum to drive!

Anyway, that's all for this Wednesday. Your thoughts on this mid-week double?

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coconno196 said...

I hope there is more to come on Daniel's essay. Getting Brian to write a conclusion is cheating. Also, Daniel was foolish not to read it - it could be awful, and Brian's writing style may be conspicuously different from Daniel's. Daniel wasn't concentrating when he emailed the essay to the college, so I suspect he sent it to the wrong addressee, and/or the college will realise that it isn't Daniel's own work. He shouldn't get away with cheating!

Anonymous said...

I really don't want Daniel to have to give up his studies, there are far too few well educated characters on Corrie.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): I was really surprised by the casual tone to the essay storyline. Submitting someone else's essay as one's own is called CHEATING and considered a form of plagiarism. Really surprised that Brian, and I gather from spoilers, Ken,-- both English teachers, for Heaven's sake!-take such a cavalier attitude to it all! Surely as teachers they would not encourage this--let alone vie to do it?! Ridiculous plot line.


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