Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Coronation Street Spoiler: Seb’s secret crush

The previews are in from ITV for next week’s Coronation Street and Seb gets the wrong end of the stick and thinks Sarah fancies him.

On Seb’s 18th birthday party and unaware that Eileen and Faye are planning a surprise party for him he thinks everyone has forgotten. Pleased to see Sarah and Gary at loggerheads he is thrilled when Sarah says she has a birthday surprise for him later.

Meanwhile Sarah apologises to Gary for arguing and tells him to meet her at number 8 where she has a surprise for him.

Seb calls at No.8 to find the door open. He lets himself in and finds a note from Sarah which reads “In the bath, waiting for you!”.  Seb heads upstairs, unable to believe his luck.

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1 comment:

Christie said...

Ever since the custody battle between Seb and Abi, and the way he started isolating himself from everyone following it, I believe Seb will be the new Corrie villain. I think the speculation of Gary and Nick are red herrings to the viewers, and the fact that it’s someone out to get revenge on Carla, but I think she will be caught in the middle as Seb attempts to sabotage Gary and it just spirals out of control resulting in a death and Carla becoming (again, I might add...Kal and Maddie, anyone?) public enemy #1.

So that’s my prediction: with the fallout of this Gary/Sarah/Seb mixup, as well as some tension between Gary and Seb afterwards, I think Seb will cause the factory roof collapse to sabotage Gary and it goes horribly wrong.


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