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The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 26th and 29th July 1991

Percy moved out of number three - making a good deal of over-dramatic noise while he did so - and into a boarding house run by over-enthusiastic landlady Winnie.  She had a cat and a fondness for playing the piano and Phyllis loved her.  Meanwhile Emily confessed she didn't really want to move to Wales; she just wanted her house to herself.  And who can blame her?  Alec buried his daughter, and Vicky remained stoic throughout.  He worried about how to bond with the girl so the Gilroys took her on holiday to Torquay.  Deirdre discovered Phil Jennings' home address, and went round to find him.  He was battered, bruised - and married to Gwen from Gavin and Stacey.  She told Deirdre she was the latest in a line of girlfriends and that they were fleeing the country to escape their debts.  Deirdre was understandably distraught.  Also married and up to no good was Steph, snogging her architect bit on the side in a wine bar - right in the eyeline of Derek Wilton.  (The wine bar, incidentally, was the Pig & Porcupine, on Deansgate, which will become more important to Corrie when it doubles as Liz's pub The Queens in a few years' time).

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 31st July and 2nd August 1991

Deirdre was upset at being given the runaround by Phil, and even more upset that it left her with no job.  Tracy blabbed about it to Ken and he offered Deirdre a loan, but she was concerned there might be strings attached, so she borrowed the money off Emily instead.  Emily meanwhile had decided to stay in Weatherfield, much to the horror of Percy, who accused her of making the whole thing up to get rid of him.  And who would blame her if she did?  He went back to his boarding house.  Later, the landlady found him on the floor, having a fit.  He was rushed off in an ambulance.  Derek tried to keep his nose out of Steph's affair, but when she asked him to conceal it, he couldn't handle it.  He went round to demand that she either broke off the dalliance or he'd tell Des.  Phyllis discovered him arguing with a bikini-clad Steph in the back garden and implied to Betty that he was a sex pervert.

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 5th and 7th August 1991

Sometimes, bless it, Corrie tries to be hip and down with the kids, and it makes you want to cringe your intestines out.  Steve and Andy decided to set up a pirate radio station in Jim's workshop and their patter was exactly as you'd expect when middle-aged people try to write for teenagers.  Deirdre moped around the Street feeling sorry for herself, convinced everyone was gossiping about her.  She swore off men forever.  Ha!  Mavis confronted Steph about her affair, but Des came home and caught them.  When he asked her why Mavis was round, Steph lied and said that she was concerned about her sunbathing in a bikini in the garden and inflaming Derek's desires.  Combined with Phyllis's gossip about Derek's handling, Des got the wrong end of the stick, and went round to number 4 and told him to stop bothering his missus.  It turned out Percy was incredibly allergic to cats, which was a problem as his new landlady had a beast of one.  A social worker turned up at Emily's asking her to take Mr Sugden back in, but while she felt guilty about his suffering, she didn't feel that guilty, and she refused.

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 9th and 12th August 1991

Deirdre finally got a job: back in the corner shop.  She rightly felt that she was trapped.  Also feeling trapped was Emily Bishop, who caved into her good nature and let Percy move back into number 3.  She immediately regretted it.  The McDonald twins persisted with their pirate radio, trying to entice advertisers by putting plugs for local businesses in with their patter.  Unfortunately their plug for the Kabin implied it was run by a pair of goers, so Rita told Liz what they were up to, and they had to find a new venue to broadcast from.  Ken went on holiday, so Tracy let them into his vacant flat, where they transmitted an excruciatingly unfunny parody of superhero teacher Ken Barlow.  I actually had to hide away from it, it was so bad.  Des dropped unsubtle hints to Mavis that her husband was a pervert, so she exploded, and told him the person he should be keeping an eye on was his wife and the fellow she was mucking about with.  He didn't confront Steph, but instead acted lovey dovey, buying her champagne and surprising her with a posh lunch, leaving her confused.  Bet and Alec returned from their holiday.  Vicky had been quiet throughout, but after a heart to heart with her granddad, she finally came to a conclusion: she wanted to leave the Rovers and move back into her old home.

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 14th and 16th August 1991

Ken returned from his holiday a week early and discovered the radio station in the middle of one of their interminable sketches about him.  He was furious, especially with Tracy, but mellowed and found it at least semi-funny. With any luck that's the last we'll hear of Andy and Steve trying to be Simon Bates.  Vicky was told by the executors of her parent's estate that she couldn't live in the house on her own, because the Council would take her into care.  Alec said he'd apply for guardianship but Vicky had a different idea: she'd live with her mate Belinda, played by a tiny Anna Friel.  She got on with the legendary Beth Jordache a lot better than Tracy, as the two future Mrs McDonalds discovered over lunch they'd got nothing in common.  Des tried to make Steph happy and took her out on the boat with Martin and Gail and the kids.  While the Platts seemed to be having a great time, Steph was moody and silent, and he finally confronted her on the towpath.  She admitted that she was in love with another man and a heartbroken Des told her to leave and never come back.

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Louby said...

Another great classic week. Loved the scene where Gail and Martin were looking very awkward while Des and Steph screamed at each other.

I'm quite excited that we'll be getting a burning boat in old and new Corrie in the same week!

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