Thursday, 28 February 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 27th Feb 7.30pm

Welcome to Wednesday's edition of Coronation Street. Back to two episodes this week, so let's recap on the mid-week drama.

It's breakfast at the McDonalds' with Steve and Tracy ever excited about Amy's baby. Little do her parents know, that there is no baby. With a scan due, Tracy takes the day off work and promises to pamper her 'pregnant' daughter.

Shona is struggling to make it up with Gail and David, with Clayton still on the run from prison. David wonders if Clayton will make contact, and seeks Nick's advice.

Feeling perturbed by Shona, Nick admits to his brother about his girlfriend's recent drugs drop, and about his doubts about Clayton's prison break.  David fumes and rushes to Shona to seek answers.

Over at Rita's, Paul is slowly outstaying his welcome and since three weeks have passed, she tells Gemma that it's time he moved on. Admitting the truth to her brother, Paul lets Gemma know that a bail hostel is about to open soon, and near Coronation Street.

Daniel's immersed in the MA, and struggling with his deadline, Sinead ropes in Brian in a bid to help him complete the essay in time. Brian swiftly takes over Daniel's essay while the new father visits baby Bertie. What's the worse that could happen? Brian is what happens when he drowns Daniel's laptop in coffee!

At the salon, Amy is being pampered by Maria, as a treat from Tracy. With new friend Bethany also in the salon (and knowing the truth), can she convince her friend that it's time her mum knew about the abortion? Amy becomes upset and flees before her blow dry is finished. Upon her return, Tracy pours predictable scorn over Bethany and Maria and then goes to find Amy.

Sophie tells Sally that Gina is leaving for Newcastle having become tired of the arguments and the missing money scandal. Sally, unconvinced of her sister's guilt, is still not swayed by Sophie's defence of her aunt. As Gina is about to leave the street, Kevin makes a sudden return and admits he accidentally took the cash from the brown envelope.

Storming into Roy's Rolls,  David admits to Shona that he knows about her contact with Clayton and the drug drop.

Back at the McDonalds' flat, Amy tells Tracy that she can't have the scan as there is no baby. Tracy assumes she's had a miscarriage, and Amy doesn't tell her otherwise.

I'll be back soon with a review of the 8.30pm episode. See you in a bit.

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