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Saturday 23 February 2019

Corrie weekly update - Threats, Weasels and Lolly pops in

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This was the week when fourteen-year-old Amy Barlow had an abortion and didn’t tell her parents. Tracy and Steve are planning for the future, with Amy’s baby in their lives. They even put an offer in on a house on Victoria Street but find out they’re gazumped by Claudia. Amy can’t bring herself to tell her parents about the abortion and Tracy sets herself up against Tyler “the pound shop gangster” offering him five thousand pounds to walk out of Amy’s life.

Mary fusses over Tyrone this week, cooking for him and even doing “the floss” dance in the Street, much to every Corrie fan’s delight but not Tyrone’s. Kev tells Tyrone that Mary’s got the hots for him and eventually Tyrone is forced to agree. He tells Mary that he’s not interested in her and she’s confused, she’s not interested in him either. She takes offence at the way Tyrone talks to her, as if she was a maneater. Well, not this time. Tyrone gets the wrong end of the stick and has some apologising to do.

Carla’s quizzed by the cops over the missing CCTV on the night of the fire when Peter’s boat went up in flames. She takes Roy’s coat and slippers, which stink of paraffin, and dumps them in the skip at the back of Underworld. Roy wants to know where his clothes have gone and when Kirk finds Roy’s clothes in the skip, Roy confronts Carla. There’s a truly wonderful scene between Carla and Roy in which Roy accuses Carla of being obsessed with Peter Barlow (true) and being so jealous of Peter’s relationship with Abi that Carla was prepared to let Abi take the blame for the fire (also true). Carla tries to defend herself against Roy’s words but she can’t because Roy is the moral compass of the street and every word he says is correct. Although why he allows the Corrie props department to continually put bananas on top of the other fruit in the bowl in Roy’s Rolls is beyond me. Roy would simply not do this. Everyone knows bananas need to be kept separate from the other fruit because they emit a gas that over-ripens any other fruit they come into contact with. Roy would know this more than anyone. Anyway, Roy tells Carla he’s bitterly disappointed in her; it really was a wonderful scene.

Kate and Rana plan their wedding and are at odds with each other over who should be invited and who should be left off the list. Still awake? Oh, and an old school friend of Kate’s called Lolly pops in to stir more trouble between the girls.

Elsewhere, Gina tries to make amends with Sally but Sally’s not having any of it. So Gina collects cash from the factory girls and Sean in order to throw Sally a party. She puts the money in an envelope through Kev’s door, for Sophie. But Kev thinks the money’s for him to take Jack on holiday and does a runner with it. No-one believes Gina when she tells them what’s happened to the cash from the factory and Beth throws her out for being a thief. With nowhere else to go, Gina moves in with Sophie while Kev and Jack are away.

And finally, over at the new barber shop, David forges ahead to have his stuffed weasel on display. And you can’t say fairer than that.

And that’s just about that for this week.  

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popcorn said...

To answer your question - - - no, I am not still awake. My eyes glaze over everytime those 2 come on stage.

Susan said...

What?? I never knew that about bananas but it explains why my pears always go bad so quickly! This blog is amazing; Corrie news and helpful household tips in one spot. I love it

maggie muggins said...

That is indeed true about bananas. Ooh, that weasel is ugly!

coconno196 said...

Yes it's true. That's why kitchen shops sell banana trees, so you can hang them up separately from other fruit ­čśü.


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