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Saturday 16 February 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 15 February 2019

Prime story through tonight was the aftermath of the fire which has destroyed Peter's boat.  Peter is convinced that Abi started it and her alibi is pretty weak - out of her skull sleeping on a park bench; this story is substantiated by Cathy who saw her late last night on Talbot Street on the other side of town and got a gobful from Abi for trying to help her.  Carla studies the factory CCTV and soon spots Roy's accidental clash with the oil powered lamp which caused the fire.  She deletes the entire week's recordings - which Sarah discovers when the police come to check the recordings.  Carla also puts Roy's clothes smelling of oil in a plastic bag in her car boot.  Carla has not yet found the bottle to tell Roy about his sleep walking escapade as she knows that it will be difficult for him.  Peter soon hears that Abi is innocent and that Carla has deleted the recordings as Sally refuses to stay silent - so he demands answers from Carla and we see her above lying and saying that there is a gremlin in the CCTV system.  Peter knows she is lying and Carla knows he is boring.  At which point Roy asks Peter to leave.

Amy has morning sickness and has forgotten about her scan - soon rectified when Tracy tears her room apart.  Vicky reappears and talks Robert into employing Tyler in the Bistro kitchen and assures Amy, Tracy and Steve that Tyler is interested and wants to be a part of the baby growing up, as of course does grandmother Vicky.  Given his previous behaviour Tyler is pretty meek around his mother!  Steve also acknowledges they need more space for the baby and Oliver so he suggests they buy a new house.  Above we see Vicky arrive in the Bistro (to collect Tyler) and gets the comment shown from Tracy which is a step up from stalking I suppose.  As a result the McDonalds find out where Tyler is working - and Tyler does even apologise to Amy so perhaps Vicky is telling the truth.  Amy however seems conflicted about the whole matter.

And Steve thinks Joe Sugg (whoever he is) is the lead singer of Madness.

Landladies the world over speculate on the discussions at the tables and in this case Jenny is watching Kevin and Tyrone who are indeed discussing Mary.  The latter has been going out of her way to make herself indispensable looking after little Ruby and feeding Tyrone - simply to keep herself active following the loss of her own family.  However a hidden Valentine's card addressed to Tyrone has been misinterpreted and after some detective work Ty and Kevin know that it was written by Mary - so there is some concern that Mary really does have her sights aimed at Tyrone.

Are they on?  Are they off?  Is Chesney in the friend zone again?  Do they even like the same films, Chesney tries to act out "Ghost" but Gemma is a fan of "Sister Act" as she finds Ghost laughable.  And then they wipe garlic mayo off of each other's faces and this becomes a highly passionate encounter and they vanish out of sight behind the counter.  Hope someone hoses it down later.

Brian and Roy are working on finding RP by searching the Weatherfield births register.  Does anyone know where Robert Preston was born?

Writers: Mark Wadlow and Jonathan Harvey.  Director David Moor


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Anonymous said...

Robert hasn't even finished putting up his job advert when lo and behold here comes Vicky who is interested in it, then just to compound this unlikely coincidence Amy walks past at the same time!

Anonymous said...

Best part of Friday was in the pub. The whole Tyrone, Kevin, Jenny and Johnny made me literally laugh out loud! Its been awhile since I did that with Corrie.

Ancient corrier said...

I laughed a lot on Friday, we are defiantly getting there.

Anonymous said...

Despise Carla Connor. What a nasty piece of work she is.


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