Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Callum Harrison: "Everybody likes a bad boy, don't they?"

There's a good interview with Callum Harrison, who plays Clayton Hibbs in this week's Inside Soap magazine.

He says he was only supposed to be in Coronation Street for seven episodes so being back for Clayton's current storyline means a lot to him. 

He talks about filming the upcoming hostage scenes when Clayton takes his mum Shona hostage. 

"It was such a good experience, being on location. It was very surreal at he time because we were filming in this derelict building and it really helped. It wasn't a nice place, so it was easier to get into the scenario. I loved it."

And he also says he loves playing the bad boy on Corrie.

"I really enjoy bad guy roles! I'll take any part that comes my way as every little helps, but if I had the choice, it would definitely be to portray a bad guy, as there are so many places you can take the character.  They're just interesting to play, and are just better because everyone likes a bad boy, don't they?"

Read the full interview in Inside Soap magazine out now.

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Sara said...

No, I don't love a bad boy. I prefer nice, kind guys.
So many actors say they like to play nasty characters because they are more interesting, surely a test of their acting skills would be to make normal nice people interesting.

Anonymous said...

Bad boys are a dime a dozen. Kind, loving selfless people are called saints and a revered because there are precious few living at any given time.

Anonymous said...

Wrong, most people like naughty boys, not thieving murderers.

Anonymous said...

Clayton isn't merely a bad boy, he is a lying, thieving, murdering scumbag. Hopefully he will die soon

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