Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 7 Nov


GINA IS RUMBLED BY FIZ When the factory girls rib Gina, suggesting she and Tim are like an old married couple, Fiz is alarmed to clock Gina’s wistful look. Meanwhile Paula visits Sally in prison and tells her she has a plan which should see her freed. In Speed Daal Paula meets Julian, a fellow lawyer, she’s cool towards Sophie and treats her as a waitress. Sophie’s hurt but Paula explains that Julian has some useful evidence about Sally’s case. Sophie apologises to Julian.
KATE HAS ANOTHER SURPRISE FOR RANA Johnny and Jenny throw an engagement party for Kate and Rana. When Kate announces that one of the reasons she picked Rana is that she’ll make a terrific Mum, Rana’s floored. Sensing it isn’t what Rana wants, Imran warns his sister to tell Kate now before it’s too late.
EVELYN’S JEWELLERY RINGS A BELL FOR FIZ After clocking Evelyn’s ‘new’ earrings, Fiz shows Tyrone Vera’s half-empty jewellery box under Evelyn’s bed. Tyrone confronts Evelyn and demands to know why she thought it would be okay to take Vera’s earrings.
ELSEWHERE Nick continues to screen calls from Elsa, however he’s horrified to discover that Carla has been looking at his restaurant website.


GEOFF IS ONTO GINA Gina assures Fiz that Tim’s just a good mate. Fiz discusses this with Geoff, giving him food for thought. Tim visits Sally, telling her he overheard that Paula has proof that Duncan bought the burner phones. Elated Sally starts making plans for when she gets out, including turning Gina’s room into a yoga room. When Faye unwittingly lets slip about the yoga room to a hurt Gina, Tim assures her they need her more now than ever and she’s going nowhere. As Geoff watches Gina flirt with Tim, he takes Tim to one side, warning him that Gina has got feelings for him.
FIZ’S OUT WITH THE IN LAWS When Tyrone states their living arrangements aren’t working, a worried Evelyn tells Tyrone how grateful she is but realises she’s outstayed her welcome. His conscience pricked, will Tyrone relent?
ELSEWHERE When Carla reveals she’s off to Nottingham to check out his restaurant, Nick talks her out of it, promising to tell all. Nick says he did a mate a favour and for tax reasons, agreed to become joint partner with his mate’s wife, Elsa. Nick calls Elsa, lying that his Mum is ill and he has to stay. Circuit Judge Leonard joins Paula, Julian and Sophie in Speed Daal. As the ‘in jokes’ fly Sophie’s sidelined and when Leonard pushes his glass towards her, expecting her to fill it, Sophie loses her rag. Paula points out she’s just insulted the Judge who could preside over Sally’s trial, Sophie’s heart sinks. Rana promises Imran she’ll speak to Kate.

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