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Monday 19 November 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 19th November

It's Connor vs Connor (Neeson) on the cobbles tonight. First of all, Ryan needs something ironed, so you know what means, don't you viewers? It's the traditional ripped young man walking around with his pecs out scene. Ali hasn't slept well and is in a terrible mood, so Ryan suggests that he prescribes something for himself. Ali persuades Moira to let him into his old office, something she says is a serious breach of protocol (and she should know since she previously got sacked for this very offence), but she's willing to overlook that for the love of Vic Reeves a starter, main course and a prosecco at the Bistro. She should have held out for a sticky toffee pudding as well. Ali rifles through the drugs cupboard (?) but doesn't read the accompanying leaflet as he starts taking the pills with several glasses of wine and chatting up Bethany, which doesn't go down well with his bruv. Ali then insults Bethany and Ryan takes a swing at him, before Robert breaks it up, before inadvertently spilling the beans re: the demise of Ronan to his step-son. Ali storms off and gets into a row with two hairy bikers outside Costa Coffee who do not take kindly to his rude 'tude and slap him around when he deliberately knocks over one of their bikes. After swearing that he's going to dob in Ali to the po-po, Ryan saves him from the lunks. There is some Connor-style shouting as to who did worse, Ry and Cormac or Ali and Ronan. I guess it's something to discuss over the Xmas lunch? With an amazing sense of timing, Robert decides to bring up the idea of having another kid again. For once, Michelle's long-suffering sigh is justified.

No-one in the council wants to give evidence on behalf of Sally, which is not surprising. Beth offers local mascot (Kirk) as a character witness, something Paula rejects. Should they be discussing a court case in a cafe? Anyway, Sally says that she'll be OK in court because Tim will be there to support her. Don't jinx it, Sal! Meanwhile, Gina, who is taking patronising advice from her niece, goes on another date with a man who brings her the smallest ever bunch of carnations and then tries to drag her back to his. A Seddon know how to look after herself though and she knees him in the groin before ringing Tim who goes off to find her on his white horse in his Ford Focus. Unfortunately, he has sunk a couple of pints in the pub and another Metcalfe is in stir as Timothy is arrested for drink-driving and put in the cells overnight to cool down.

Nick starts the day with manky flower water on his suit, courtesy of Toyah, which is all he deserves really. Carla takes the opportunity to tell him that he might as well quit the business, a fire that is stoked when Elsa claims Nick bought into the factory with money stolen from her. In trad. Corrie style, instead of making business decisions based on cold hard accounts, Carla asks Elsa to go into partnership with her as it would nark Nick.

Yay, it's the return of Spike! who is apparently a cos-player. Just as Gemma herself was once a bit-part actor on the Street, I hold out hope that Thor fan Spike will become more than a recurring character. Anyway, he and Gemini and Chesney and Emma are on another double date, and Chesney admits to his substitute Cathy that he really does like the lovely Emma. WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULDN'T? Chesney is in his right mind, and he asks her out for real.

Sinead turns up to the factory with her spinach and avocado smoothie and her daft beliefs that kale can cure cancer. Ken, who is probably just happy that there's another vegetarian in the family to eat his marrow lasagne, offers to pay for her non-cancer curing therapies.

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Louby said...

Reading your review was much more enjoyable than actually watching the episodes Rachel! Apart from Emma, she's fab.

The classic Corrie episode yesterday also featured an ironing scene, but in 1990 it was Curly Watts who had his top off.

Rachel Stevenson said...

Thanks, Louby. Topless Curly needs some kind of warning, surely.

Anonymous said...

Didn't enjoy Corrie last night. Far too much shouting ( I had to turn my tv volume down 5 notches at one point) and trying to work out what time of day it was. At one point Chesney, Gemma and Cathy were all drinking in the pub so who was manning the kebab shop? Also surely Emma and Leanne should have been at work. When Chesney said he had to go and get Joseph from school it just confirmed the ludicrous timing of a double date and everyone in the pub.


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