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Saturday 24 November 2018

Joe Duttine interview: Does Tim believe Sally in court?

How has Tim been coping with Sally being in prison?
Tim isn’t coping very well at all, he’s struggling. He was very dependent on Sally and without her being in the house he’s found it hard. He’s worried about the future because he doesn’t know what’s going to happen.

Sally has gone to extreme lengths to try to adjourn her trial. How does it make Tim feel to see his wife in such desperation?
Tim feels very frustrated, he’s experiencing a mixture of emotions. On one hand he believes that she’s innocent and on the other he has started to doubt her. It’s an upsetting time for Tim.

What does Sally say as she takes the stand? How does that make Tim feel?  
Sally claims she is innocent when she takes the stand and that she adores and loves Tim. I don’t think Tim is reassured by this though. He is described in court as a scruffy unintelligent man and I think that’s hurt Tim. He has got to sit and listen to barristers ridicule him. I think Tim also feels that Sally doesn’t defend him much.

Gina takes the stand during Sally’s trial; Does Tim think she’ll come through for Sally?
They were struggling to find a character witness and when Gina decides to take the stand for Sally. Tim is grateful for Gina for doing this for Sally. So, Tim is hopeful that Gina will come through for Sally.

It looks as if Tim is starting to have doubts about his wife. Does Tim believe Sally could have had an affair?
Tim is being slowly convinced that his wife is guilty. He’s really on the fence about the whole thing and it’s really upsetting for Tim. This woman that he madly fell in love with is starting to look like maybe not the woman that he thought she was. So his world is turning upside down.

Does Tim feel the only person he can confide in is Gina?
Gina has been spending time at home with Tim and they’ve been seeing each other a lot. They’ve been watching the football and films. Tim has been bonding with Gina whilst Sally hasn’t been at home. So Tim has been able to take some comfort from this. He has a woman around the house still and he can talk to her quite easily. Tim can get away from the drama of the trial for a while. Tim has Kevin and Steve, but I think he can share his feelings better with Gina than he can with his male friends.

Tim’s got two opposing sides with Gina and Sophie. Is he finding it hard to know who to believe?
Tim is stuck between the two and emotions are running high. Ultimately, all Tim wants is a peaceful and quiet life. He’s having to deal with this turmoil and he’s trying to support everyone.

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1 comment:

Humpty Dumpty said...

I'm finding it hard to engage in this storyline. It's full of holes. Duncan is the father of Rosie's model friend, Olivia. Wouldn't Sophie contact her sister to get some gen on the man, like is his wife even dead? Don't think much of Paula's competence. She should have got an enquiry agent to find out more about Duncan's background.

Re: Sally and Duncan's jaunt to the hotel, why doesn’t Sally’s defence team contact the hotel? The receipt would show the room number so that could be checked on the hotel’s computer. One possibility is that Duncan didn’t go there at all and the whole thing is fictitious. Oth, he might have gone with a woman, posing as Sally, so the hotel records would indeed show a man and a woman in room number x. That woman is Duncan’s accomplice and I’m betting it’s the head of department at the Council, the one who came to visit Sally. Tim asked her why nobody at the Council had double-checked which account the cheque went in. He didn't get an answer so maybe this woman dealt with it.


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