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Friday 30 November 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 30 November 8.30pm

We’re back, and at the Bistro, with the future of humanity at stake, Robert has rejected Kate’s stupid baby idea. It does however start him thinking about fatherhood again and he spends the rest of the day trying to bully and cajole Michelle into having a baby.  I don’t usually have a lot of sympathy for the Queen of the Universe but given her very recent history with Ruairi I’d say that Robert is being incredibly insensitive. His constant harping on about what he wants is quite reminiscent of Kate. Who knew selfishness was catching?

Over at No. 9. Fiz is claiming that Hope is troubled and just needs understanding, which is a bit like Mrs Lector saying that Hannibal is basically a good boy, he just has some special dietary requirements. She tells Tyrone that he has to stand up to his Nana and tell her to leave. Stuck in the middle Tyrone goes to find Evelyn in the pub to break the news. Drowning her sorrows with brandy the wonderful battleaxe suggests that maybe Ty should chuck Fiz out instead, and that if ‘Fiona’ wanted to express her personality with the name Fiz she should have called herself ‘Flat’. Brilliant! After guilt-tripping Ty by reminding him that he promised her she wouldn’t be alone, Evelyn does eventually agree to move out. But only after she’s found a place that is ‘dog-friendly’! I’m imagining that may take some time…

Meanwhile Gina is playing a nasty game with Sally and Tim. With Sally devastated that Tim doesn’t want to see her and Tim humiliated at the thought that his wife might have had an affair, Gina manipulates the situation by telling each of them that the other doesn’t want to see them.  I know its panto villain season, but honestly where is your conscience Gina?

Over at the physio Jack is fine after his fall and there is a surprise for him – his prosthetic leg has arrived.  He takes his first tentative steps and Kev and is moved to tears.

With his gaslighting of Michelle having failed, Robert turns up on Kate’s doorstep. After having been dead set against the idea 30 minutes ago he has now decided that he will father Kate’s child. For goodness sake man, this is a baby! You’ve spent longer deciding whether or not to put oregano in the lasagne. Kate agrees equally hurriedly and tells him that they need to keep it secret for now.

And with that the ancient prophecy is fulfilled.  In nine months, the Connor/Preston progeny will be unleashed onto the world. A being of supreme darkness that will bring Hell’s dominion to Earth and consume Weatherfield in a lake of fire. Poor Rana needs to leave immediately before she meets a grizzly end after being stared at by a large Rottweiler.

I’ve been Kelly and I’ve watched too many horror films.
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Abercrombie said...

Great reviews, Kelly. Love your humour, I laugh out loud. Always good medicine :)


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