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Tuesday 27 November 2018

Katie McGlynn interview: Can Sinead hide her secret?

How has Sinead been coping since the cancer diagnosis?
She’s struggling because she is worried about her unborn child. Sinead is flirting with the idea of whether to have chemo or not. She’s raised it a few times but since then she’s keeping it to herself. She isn’t coping well at all.

How is Daniel and Sinead’s relationship now?
They are good with each other, they love each other dearly. Sinead feels that Daniel still holds a lot of resentment against her because she kept her cancer diagnosis from him in the first place. I think Daniel tries to put his anger towards Ken rather than Sinead. She’s still keeping a huge secret from him so it can cause a lot of tension for Sinead towards Daniel.

Now that Daniel knows the truth about Sinead’s cancer diagnosis, has Sinead been able to cope better?
She has been given a bit of relief since Daniel found out the truth, but she is still more worried about her unborn child. Daniel just wants Sinead to get better and originally, he wanted her to abort the child. So, throughout everything Sinead is just thinking about her child and what the right options are. Sinead feels she can’t talk to Daniel about her cancer because he wants her to be better, but she wants safety for her baby.

Sinead saw Ken hand Carla a wad of cash? How does Sinead feel when she finds out that Ken is the one paying for her therapy?
At first, she is shocked when she finds out Ken has been the one paying for her therapy. It’s also a nice moment for Sinead though because she realises she has people around her that care about her. It’s another stress for Sinead though because it’s another secret she must keep from Daniel because he thinks Carla has been paying for the treatment.

How are the lies catching up with Sinead? She is still lying to Daniel about having chemo. Why is Sinead still avoiding treatment and why can’t she tell Daniel?
Sinead is still avoiding treatment because she fears for the safety of her baby, she doesn’t want her child to come to any harm. Sinead feels she must hide it from Daniel because he’s going to think it’s a ridiculous idea. She doesn’t want to make Daniel angry or disappoint him because he cares about her health.

What happens at the factory when Daniel comes to collect Sinead for her chemo appointment?
Daniel offers to go with Sinead for her chemo appointment and he meets her at the factory, so they can go together. Sinead has no intention of going to a chemo appointment and with her lying to Daniel about having treatment she just snaps. She feels suffocated, everyone is trying to tell her what to do and model coddle her.

Sinead is consumed with guilt about the web of lies she’s been spinning. Why does Sinead feel she can confide in Billy?
I think she feels she can confide in Billy because of the nature of his character. He’s a Vicar
Sinead feels like she is running out of options and because Billy is a religious man, she feels she can get everything off her chest. Billy is the closest person to God, she hopes her prayers can be answered. Sinead is running out of options and it’s a last resort for her, she’ll try anything to make everything better. She confides in him because she feels she can trust him.

Sinead later finds out that Steff has been rushed to hospital. What does she do?
When Sinead finds out about Steff she goes into panic mode. She is instantly upset by the situation and rushes to the hospital to find out what’s going on.

Once Sinead finds out that Steff only has days to live, what do you think she is thinking?
Once Sinead finds out that Steff hasn’t got long left to live, she feels like she has messed up. She starts to feel she’s made the wrong decision. Sinead is distraught and thinks she’s made everything worse.

How do you think Sinead would feel if her secret was exposed?
I think she would be mortified, but in a way, I think it will be a huge relief for her. She is scared to tell Daniel, but I think deep down she wants him to know so they can sort it out. She’s confused though, she wants to focus on her child’s safety first. I think it’s the conversation she would have to have with Daniel that scares her.

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