Sunday, 18 November 2018

Tonight: Corrie's Sair Khan joins celebrity jungle show

Sair Khan has played Alya Nasir for nearly five years on Coronation Street, but now she’s looking forward to using the Jungle experience to show how different she is away from the cobbles.

“My gut feeling was telling me ‘yes’ straight away when they approached me,” says Sair. “And now I’m about to go on I’m A Celebrity, I still can’t believe it! I do think I’m still numb and I probably won’t believe it’s happening until I walk into Camp.”

Revealing she’s used to roughing it as a seasoned festival-goer at Glastonbury, Sair is determined to try her hardest in the Trials. She says: “I don’t want to be locked in a coffin in the dark or be in those water rising Trials, but I will definitely give it a go.”

Sair reveals she isn’t the type to take centre stage and she’ll be happy to let any Celebrities with big personalities come to the forefront. “I’m not a very big personality and I’m happy to sit back. But I don’t like bullies and I won’t stand for it. If I snap, then they will face my wrath!”

Would she like to win? “There’s no chance I am going to win whatsoever,” she replies, smiling as she does. “I don’t think it’s about the winning. Just to be able to do those amazing trials is winning to me. This is a chance to do something different.”

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