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Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 28th of Nov 7.30pm

Welcome to Wednesday's edition of the Coronation Street Blog and the first of  two episode reviews.

Rita gets her feet under the table at The Rovers, and Jenny sorts Liz an upgrade on her broken phone. It's all very convenient considering she deliberately broke Liz's handset. Rita and Johnny relish in her kindness but is Jenny's magnanimous gesture all it seems?. No, it isn't, our Jenny has added a tracker to Liz's phone!.

Sally's shocking jailing and unjust incarceration is getting some used to. Although sharing a cell with Abie to keep her company, Tim is still ignoring her calls and insists on listening to Gina's less than ambiguous diatribe. Tim, remaining cold and aloof, again questions his wife's innocence.

Meanwhile, Sophie and Paula's relationship is also caught in the crossfire, and ends all too abruptly, the same may not be said for Sally, as she gets ready to attend court for sentencing.

Rana and Kate have had an appointment come free at the fertility clinic. Giving Kate time off from Viaduct Bistro, Robert seems to be carrying the burden of Michelle's unruly sons. Having  caught wind of Kate and Rana's fertility meeting, (and considering Roberts recent paternal hankerings) Michelle decides that they are also due a day off.

At the fertility clinic, Rana and Kate listen intently to their introduction to IVF. Rana's hesitancy is still all too clear, whilst Kate can't wait to get pregnant!.

At Roy's Rolls, Jack decides to hold a 'one-legged' charity race to raise funds for the hospital, which causes Roy to reminisce about his school sports days.

Mary is still searching for the prodigal Jude, and as his birthday arrives, she shows Dev the present she'd brought him. Its a tender moment from Mary who is obviously missing her 'Walter Mitty' son, regardless of his unsavoury character. Upset at Angie getting the locks changed, Mary takes her anger out on an unsuspecting Roy.

Back at court, sentences are handed down. Duncan receives a 2 year suspended sentence, whilst Sally is given a 4-year custodial with a possible confiscation order, for the stolen council cash!.  

Things don't look too good for Sally right now do they?!.

Keep your eyes peeled for my 8.30pm review, coming to the blog later today.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not suprised Paula has finished with Sophie. Sophie is 24 but she acts like a stroppy teenager.

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