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Ben Price Interview: Nick caught out by Carla

How are things going running the factory with Carla?

I think that Nick works best in a business. He wants to stick around and be involved in a business. He has some experience in the factory, I do believe he is genuinely quite a good businessman but this time it also a bit of a game for him. He knows Carla and he wants to have a bit of mischief, he isn’t going back to the old dynamic of the relationship that’s not what this is about. It is messy but at the end of the day he thinks he can make some money. Nick is one of those people who goes straight into things rather than stepping back and taking stock. He gets to work in a business that he knows and may make some money, with the added bonus of winding a few people up!

Is Leanne the reason he is sticking around?

Leanne is his achilles heel. He had every intention of leaving, but he arrived back and then the feelings all came back. He thought he could pop back to make sure she was ok, he is very good at compartmentalising things. But he is very naive in some ways. When he saw the state she was in he felt like a knight in shining armour and when she said she loved him it put him right back and triggered him and he realised he should have been around.

In the past few days Leanne has started to say that maybe she could give him another chance. Is this a big deal for Nick?

Yes he feels like this is his second chance and that he needs to grab it with both hands, he doesn’t want anything to get in the way.

Carla is suspicious of Nick could this cause him a problem?

She is not happy with him being involved in the factor, she is suspicious of him and he is wary of her.  She is convinced he is up to something. She knows that Nick always has a motive and is hiding things.

What does she discover?

She finds out the name of the mysterious E that he has been talking to and she is a woman called Elsa, but she has no idea who she is.

How does he react?

He is just matter of fact, she is his business partner and there is nothing more to it. Someone from back home nothing more, and he thinks she will just accept that. But she knows fine well there is something else going on and she tells him she is going to go to Nottingham to check it all out so he tells her that Elsa is his mate’s wife, and it was all a bit of a tax dodge.

How does he feel when Elsa arrives on the street?

This is not good for Nick he doesn’t want an associate from his other life sniffing round this one. He worries everything is going to be blown apart.  When the two lives collide it is not going to be good is it? He reinvented himself when he went to Nottingham and now this person is going to realise who the real Nick is. And on the flip side he has not been totally truthful in Weatherfied about his life in Nottingham. And because of the business Carla has a vested interest in trying get to the truth.

How is Leanne feeling at this point?

She is ready to give it another try, she is blissfully unaware of any other side of Nick’s life. They have really gone through it and they keep coming back to each other believing that this time it will be a bit better. Before it was a bit unbalanced, Nick’s mess was worse the Leanne’s but she has messed up a lot recently with Steve so things are bit more evenly balanced now. They both have things they would rather not talk about and they feel able to meet in the middle and try again. They are not going to try and force it to work but they are willing to see how it goes. 

How does he feel when she says ‘no more secrets’?

She brings him up to date with everything that has happened in her life and he just crosses his fingers. Nick is wondering what he can get away with. There is a woman in his life, he has told Carla she is his business partner but is that true?

Carla is on to him?

Yes Carla is on the scent of something and she sees it as a way of levering him out of the factory. And she also thinks she can maybe blackmail him and keep his money. That is Carla all over. 

Is Nick worried about what Carla has found out?

Nick is a bit arrogant, he thinks he can get out of situations and rise above it all.

Does Nick still get joy out of winding Peter up?

Yes absolutely and that is how I want to play it, the joy of it is they are never going to get on. It is very like Ken and Mike. Mike enjoyed goading Ken, strangely Peter is bizarrely moral about things, he has a moral compass that Nick doesn’t have. Peter might look like the one who is a bit dodgy whereas Nick outwardly presents himself as very respectable but we are about to find out that is not the case at all.

Nick has a good relationship with Simon though?

Yes that is a side to Nick that is very genuine, that is the bit where he sees all the chats he didn’t have with Brian, all those chats where a man sits down with his son and listens to what he has to say. He sits down and talks to Simon in a grown up way. Peter still treats Simon in a more childlike way, because he has not been there he gives Simon advice which Nick thinks is bizarre. Nick is a bit more removed and he advises Simon that he is old enough to make choices, but the choices aren’t necessarily going to be the best ones so he should give it a couple of years and then make the choice.

Is the house of cards all about to fall down for Nick?

It all finally comes together for Nick and Leanne but Elsa is in town and spots him with Leanne and decides to find out what is going on. This is the point where Nick has to come clean but he won’t come completely clean, he will drip feed the info he wants to until he is cornered. He has started to believe his own version of events as that is the version that suits him. He is quite machiavellian in that respect. He has always wanted a family unit and has always failed. Non of the Platts seem to be able to hold down a relationship, Gail, David, Sarah, Audrey, non of them have found their happy ever after. It always feels like the Platts are strangely married into the family and it is the family unit that is their partner. People try to come in and it doesn't work because the whole family almost turn round and say ‘we are not sure’ so they are doomed!  

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