Monday, 26 November 2018

Corrie Comicals week ending 23 November 2018

If you are talking about a lack of character witnesses in Roy's Rolls be careful over who is listening or you too may get an offer of assistance from Kirk in your hour of greatest difficulty.  I do not think this one is too difficult to resist!

I so wanted to include Anna and Elsa from Frozen - but my colleague has already written that report.

The con artist gets her reward.  Emma says there is one last test - pda and holds her hand out.  Chesney takes it and shortly thereafter he realises that maybe Emma as the bird in the hand is better than the one in the bush!  And yes I know it makes Emma nearly a permanent resident on these posts!  And very quickly she starts on improving Chesney getting him to go training with her.

We all know that Maria has a darker side which we do not get to see very often (remember her stalking Ty?).  So initially David is not too worried when she abducts David (the dog) but when she threatens to give him a number one all over David realises she might just mean it and so has to call her "boss" from time to time!  The nomenclature of one's supervisory personage was also discussed between Phil and Brian with the latter being asked to call the former "boss" as well.

At the Bistro Robert and Michelle think the two boys (Ali and Ryan) are getting along well and have settled their differences as they talk to each other.  However we know what they are saying and the tone of voice which makes it clear that there is still little love lost between the two of them.  See the false smiles as they discuss how long the good behaviour is needed!

Right said Sally Ann Matthews, if I am going to be landlady of the Rovers Return I want to do a proper job, with decent clothes, not like R'Toyota, but to be seen to be successful and to have all the best lines, week in, week out.  Here is her observation on Tanya's tanning of Chesney as part of his makeover which obviously meets the contractual conditions this week!

A little personal information on Spike which Gemma revealed.  Apparently he has a tattoo of Bill Oddie on his inner thigh.  He visited the parlour when he had consumed some alcohol and slurred "Tattoo of Blondie" before falling asleep.  He woke to find Bill Oddie adorning his flesh.

Extras at Work

Phil had a Governor's meeting at Bessie Street this week and they were enjoying his merry quips and a brew before the meeting - but there were extras!

Writers: Cameron McAllister (Monday), Ian Kershaw (Wednesday), Chris Fewtrell (Friday)
Directors: John Anderson (Monday), Sean Healy (Wednesday and Friday)


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