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Tuesday 27 November 2018

Jane Danson interview: Leanne knocked by Nick's news

How is Leanne recovering after being discharged from the hospital?

I think she’s got loads going on, Nicks back on the scene. There’s a lot to get to be getting on with. I think at first, she was putting on a bit of a brave face, to show everyone she is ok. I think she’s realised that she is quite vulnerable. Leanne needs that help, love and support. She’s struggling a little bit.

How did Leanne feel when she found out that both herself and Toyah were seeing Imran?

I don’t think anything surprises Leanne anymore. She’s been around the block a few times hasn’t she. I think Leanne was more upset about the fact her sisterhood was breaking down a little bit. Leanne and Toyah became very secretive. The two sisters got their revenge in a light hearted way, so Leanne was able to forgive Toyah. The one thing about Leanne is that she’s able to move on quite quickly.

With Leanne’s relationship ending with Imran the way it did? Do you think it’s the reason why Leanne has been drawn back to her ex?

I think there’s a continuity with Nick. They have a history and with that history there’s safety. Leanne feels like it’s easy with him and safe. I think given the fact that she was so seriously injured she feels she has that support in Nick. Nick knows Leanne, he’s seen her at her worst and at her best. A sign of true love I think.

When Leanne found out about Nick’s secret wife, how did she feel?

Initially Leanne was surprised. Once she is told that there isn’t any love there and Nick married her as a spur of the moment kind of thing. It reassures her, but Leanne tells Nick that they’ve got to be honest with each other if they are to move forward. It’s a case of can they move forward and will everything work out.

With Nick being back on the scene, are sparks flying between them?

I think they are quietly flickering away. Leanne is trying to suppress it because she doesn’t want to get hurt again. Nick walked out on her at a vulnerable time, but they’ve been sweethearts since teenagers. I think they will always have a love for each other.

How would Leanne feel if Toyah started seeing Imran again?

I don’t think she’d be massively bothered. I think Leanne has other things going on, but she would be a bit miffed if she didn’t tell her first. I’m sure Leanne would be able to get over it though.

Later, Nick meets with Elsa to discuss divorce proceedings and tells her he will pay her back if she keeps Leanne’s name out of the divorce proceedings. How is this going to affect Leanne and Nick?

I think that shows commitment from Nicks part. He’s ready to be with Leanne and sacrifice his financial situation and his business to be with her. I think he’s putting his neck on the line a little bit for her. That shows a bit more level of commitment than when he left last time.

Since Nick’s return it’s been nothing but drama for Leanne because of his secret life in Nottingham. Do you feel that Nick and Leanne can finally get their happily ever after this time round?

I hope so because I think each time you break up; the relationship dilutes a little bit more. Leanne and Nick have been on and off for such a long time, that hopefully they can build their relationship and raise Oliver together.

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