Monday, 19 November 2018

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Mon 19 Nov


ALI’S BEHAVIOUR MAKES RYAN SUSPICIOUS After another sleepless night Ali resorts to extreme measures and cons Moira into letting him into the surgery to collect something. He gets some anti-depressants before heading to the bistro where he gets drunk and flirts with Bethany. Robert and Michelle arrive back to find the boys at each other’s throats. Ali storms out and Ryan is shocked by something Robert says.
NICK HAS A BAD DAY Leanne is still furious at Nick and won’t let him explain about his secret marriage. Nick tells Carla the deal is off and he is keeping his share of the factory now she has nothing over him, Elsa arrives and says that Nick defrauded her of £40,000 to buy into the factory.
GINA’S DATES GO FROM BAD TO WORSE Tim visits Sally but can’t bring himself to tell her they are struggling to find a character witness from the council. Gina meets up with another internet date who takes her across the other side of town but when he makes it clear he only wants sex she knees him in the groin and runs off and calls Tim for help.
ELSEWHERE Emma and Chesney arrange to meet for a drink. When Gemma invites herself
along Chesney’s thrilled, until she reveals that Spike will be joining them too.


MICHELLE’S TORN IN ALL DIRECTIONS Michelle finds Ali in a state in the flat, he tells her to leave him alone and stumbles out. He picks a fight with two burly bikers outside the tattoo parlour and they give him a good kicking in the alleyway. Ryan comes to Ali’s aid and scares them off and takes Ali home. Michelle is horrified at his injuries. Robert asks Michelle again about having a child of their own.
TIM FINDS TROUBLE AS HE RUSHES TO GINA’S AID Tim screeches to a halt after finding Gina on a street, Gina apologises and says that she thought her date was chasing her but it was a false alarm. As Tim tries to explain the situation to a police car that has stopped the officer smells alcohol on Tim’s breath and arrests him. Paula is worried to find out the judge on the case is the one Sophie insulted. Meanwhile Sally tells her cellmate she has every confidence she will soon be free.
LEANNE’S DRAWN INTO NICK’S MESS Carla suggests to Elsa that as she actually owns Nick’s share of Underworld they should go into business together. Meanwhile Elsa confronts an embarrassed Leanne who tells her she didn’t know Nick was married.
ELSEWHERE When Carla reveals that Sinead is trying some complementary therapies to combat her chemo side effects, Ken insists he’ll pay for them on the quiet. Chesney finally admits to Emma that despite his mission to make Gemma jealous, it’s her that he wants to go out with. Emma’s on cloud nine.

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Anonymous said...

Why on earth is Robert pressuring Michelle to have a baby? That is the last thing she needs. Look at the mess she made of raising Ryan!

Sara said...

Also the pain of losing Rory will be another reason she may not want another baby.

Anonymous said...

What is with 40k being defrauded in three separate plots. Lack of writer imagination? Will Gail hand over the 40k Lewis returned to her to Nick to pay Elsa off, who will then pay off Sally's 40k to get her out of gaol?

Louby said...

At 8.20 pm I think I might not bother with part 2. Apart from Emma, the rest of the episode sounds awful. And I am furious that they have ruined Ali, who had such promise as a rare intelligent character.

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