Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Coronation Street Spoiler: Seb finds stash of cash

The previews are in for next week’s Coronation Street and it looks like Eileen’s luck is about to change.

Seb finds an envelope stuffed full of cash in Eileen’s cupboard. Eileen realises to her horror that the money inside, all five thousand pounds of it, must be the result of one of Phelan’s dodgy deals.

She wonders what to do with the cash. When Liz and Sean point out she could do with a holiday, Eileen agrees on condition they go with her. Sean and Liz are thrilled. Now there’s a DVD spin-off I’d love to see.

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Diane said...

Its probably money Abbys been stashing away for the twins

Anonymous said...

Wow going on holiday with the money her husband stole from neighbors and maybe even her son?!
That is a new low from Eileen!

Laura said...

The first thing I thought of was Jason, too. Did she even think about him before deciding to spend it on herself?

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