Friday, 16 November 2018

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Fri 16 Nov

NICK AND LEANNE CELEBRATE Nick has a chat with Simon and persuades him to do his A Levels before thinking about joining the Navy. Elsa is in the corner shop and overhears Leanne buying a bottle of wine as they are celebrating. Intrigued she follows her out. Later at the flat, Nick and Leanne enjoy a night of passion when the buzzer goes.
SEB CONSIDERS CUTTING ABI OUT FOR GOOD Seb tells the social worker that he is considering applying to adopt the twins. She tells him that he will have no chance unless he cuts Abi out of his life completely. Seb is torn.
SINEAD KEEPS DANIEL AWAY To stop Daniel going with her to her chemo session Sinead gets Stef to call pretending to be the nursing home saying Flora is upset. Daniel heads off and Sinead heads home.
GINA’S DATE IS A FAMILIAR FACE Paula assures Sophie that things are looking up now they have found evidence of Duncan’s offshore bank account. Meanwhile Gina heads out on a date and is shocked to find her date Ian is in fact Duncan.
ELSEWHERE When Tracy throws a bunch of Carnations back at Steve who has brought them as suggested stock whilst she waits for a delivery, Amy reminds her that insults carry a £8 fine under the contract.

NICK DROPS A BOMBSHELL ON LEANNE Leanne is shocked when Nick tells her that he hasn’t been entirely honest with her.
ABI LOSES HER FAMILY AND FREEDOM Abi is sent down for 16 weeks but is pleased when she meets up with an old mate in prison. Meanwhile Seb decides he wants to press ahead with applying to adopt the twins.
SINEAD FINDS A NEW WAY TO STAY HEALTHY Sinead tells Daniel that her chemo was fine but she is going to adopt a vegan diet too to give her and the baby a better chance. Daniel says he will join her. Steff meanwhile tells Sinead to come clean about not having the chemo.
ELSEWHERE Over dinner, Gina reveals that she’s Sally’s sister and knows exactly who he is. Duncan’s unfazed and tells Gina how he and Sally had an affair and how Sally made him defraud the council.  The coroner rules Ronan’s death was accidental. Robert says maybe now is time to try for a baby.

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Where's Emily? Norris? Summer? said...

What has happened to Summer?

Why is it always about the big story and yet it appears that everything is just "moments" without the realness of day to day life...where are the children? Shouldn't they all be heading out for school about the same time? Corrie's become just another soap...hoping that Ian can bring back some of the meatiness, grittiness of day to day life

Anonymous said...

Oh ya I didn't even miss her.

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