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Saturday, 17 November 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review 16 November 8.30pm

We’re back and Nick and Leanne are leaving the flat in such a loved up post-coital daze that they totally fail to notice Elsa watching them from across the street. Nick finally remembers he’s got a job and saunters over to the factory. He’s probably planning to spend the rest of the day looking smug whilst paying Candy Crush when Elsa storms in. She’s seen his ‘little tart’, knows he lied to her and is going to make him suffer. Oh dear Nicky, I think your quickie fuss-free divorce may be out of the question now.

Over at the court, Abi is sent down for 16 weeks, which seems rather harsh for trashing a few chrysanthemums. As the judge reads out the sentence Tracy has a brief ‘You can’t handle the truth’ moment when she stands up to defend her ex-friend. But unfortunately rather than a total confession all she manages is a pathetic ‘Abi doesn’t deserve this’, which is about as helpful throwing a drowning woman both ends of the rope.  

Gina and Duncan’s date continues with Gina claiming she’s a rich widow, whose late husband was called either Fred or Frank, (she really needs to practice this), and Duncan giving her more flannel than a towel factory. He eventually tells her that he knows she’s Sally’s sister and that Sally not only broke his heart and conned him but that she thinks Gina is stupid and a liability. Gina storms out saying she doesn’t believe him but we all know that she’s insecure enough for some of those barbs to have hit their target.

Over at the Bistro Robert tells Michelle that he thinks they should have a baby together. Clearly Robert has not been paying attention to his wife’s parenting skills, so just to recap for Mr Preston: The son Michelle raised turned out to be an unemployed, feckless, drug user. The son she didn’t raise managed to become a respected public service professional with an unblemished medical career, until he spent a couple of months with his mother. He’s now a murderer. I think we may have solved the nature/nurture question. If she’s responsible for the upbringing of another child it’d most likely make Damian from the Omen look like Ron Weasley. Luckily for Robert the Queen of the Universe didn’t seem too keen on the baby idea so he may have dodged a bullet.

 Finally after being backed into a corner Nick decides it’s time to tells Leanne that he’s married. Leanne is shocked but it looks like he may be able to win her round with his declarations of eternal love, until he messes it all up by letting slip that he only separated from his wife a week ago. Leanne furiously storms off. So all in all a pretty bad end to the day that started so well for our Nick…and he hasn’t even told Gail yet!

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abbyk said...

Nature vs Nurture, brilliant point! And as far as a baby goes, she’s over 40 and he’s had testicular cancer. It’ll be a total farce if they do this.

Louby said...

Great review, I see that you are as much of a Michelle fan as most readers of this page ;)

Abbyk, you might end up thinking that's sensible if what I've read about what happens next actually does happen! Think about who else on the street wants a baby.

popcorn said...

Wonderful reviews, Kelly! I look forward to reading more of them.


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