Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Corrie's mix of comedy and poignancy is back

Guest blog post by Glenn Meads who is on Twitter 
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Corrie has always been great at mixing comedy with genuinely poignant moments. If you think back to one of my favourite couples, Jack and Vera, you would often find Jack talking to his pigeons, whilst Vera was running amok inside. You felt Jack's pain, as he felt lonely even though he was married. Then this couple would patch up their differences and the comedy would continue. Hilda and Stan were the same, she could nag Stan, but if you messed with him, she would have you. And then there was some great comic moments between the two of them as Hilda attempted to be classy, and you would have a tear in your eye, because you saw this character frailties and it touched you, because they just felt so real.

Over the last couple of years, many people have been claiming that Weatherfield had gone down a dark and gloomy path. I never thought this, but I did long for some of the nuance that fans adore. And, guess what?  Amid the car crash that was Audrey's award winning speech, and swipes at Claud, was a a really moving tribute to Maria. Feuds in Corrie are great, because they are the foundation of  god soap opera, but then two characters have the history that these two share, the making up is much more interesting that the endless screaming matches.

Tracy Barlow has become so human of late, that even she is starting to take notice. Gone is the panto villain, the humour remains and she still has lines to die for. When Steve mentioned that his dog was constipated, she responded with "You're both still full of it." But, she is determined to hang on to the one friend she has, even though she is responsible for Abi's recent blip.

Then we come to Maureen Lipman's stint as battleaxe, Evelyn Plummer. She arrived like a tornado, sweeping up victims in her path. But, we always knew she would be nursing some heartache. And what is great about the writing here, and the performance here, is that she is a throwback to the great battleaxes of the past. But, far from an imitation, she fits right in. Particularly because Tyrone worships the ground she stomps on! But, the comedy remains - her constant put downs see characters reeling, including the brilliant Jenny Connor.

Phelan was a great addition to the street, and he is missed. But, with his turn as an ugly sister coming soon at the Opera House in Manchester, you can always relive his murderous moments. In the meantime, revel in the fact that Corrie's rougher moments have come out in the wash, and at the moment it is shining like a new pin. Long may it continue!

And, more scenes with Ken and Carla, please!

Guest blog post by Glenn Meads who is on Twitter 

You can read all of Glenn's guest blog posts here.

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Anonymous said...

Don't like Claudia at all, she's a biatch.

popcorn said...

Great piece, Glenn.

Anonymous said...

Why are you crediting Ian Macleod? The credits still list Kate Oates.

Anonymous said...

Iain MacLeod's episodes will start to air in December. This is Kate's work.

Cobblestone said...

Is she responsible for the new piano lounge theme tune? Far too laid-back; doesn’t work at all!

David Hughes said...

Actually I love the new-sound theme. After 1000 yearsb of the old one, it was well overdue!!

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