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Thursday, 29 November 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 28th of Nov 8.30pm

As promised, here is the part two review of this Wednesday's Coronation Street.

At The Rovers Return, news of Sally's sentencing reaches the residents. Sympathy is welcomed in droves for the long time resident, yet the gossip mill appears in full swing (Sean and Evelyn are a fearsome duo).

At HMP Norcross, Abi consoles Sally as she tries to come to terms with her harrowing sentence and Tim's sudden change of heart.

In the Rovers back room, Rita continues to make herself at home, much to Johnny's annoyance. The landlord decides to head to The Bistro for some time on his own.

Continuing with their day off, Michelle and Robert also head to The Rovers and are also treated to the news the of Kate and Rana's baby plans. Robert is obviously downhearted but lies to Michelle to keep the peace. Ryan is left in charge of the Viaduct Bistro.

Duncan's light sentence causes Imran to question the court's decision. Confronted by an upset Tim, Imran's conscience must surely be seeking answers. Whilst questioning his sister though, Imran clearly detects Rana's true feelings. Back at their flat, Rana finally admits her reluctance to Kate. 

Barnstorming The Bistro, Jenny's app has detected that Liz is also at the restaurant. Yet unfortunately, she finds Liz on her own and Johnny is nowhere to be seen.  Johnny has actually been out on the booze with Dev, and returns to their pub, much to Jenny's relief.

Back at The Bistro, Mary apologises to her close friend Roy, as the two take tea at The Bistro. A celebratory meal for Jude's birthday, Mary still seems reluctant to let go of her son.

Meanwhile, Jacks charity plans are set in motion, as Kevin spreads the news of the event around the street.

Over at Number 4, Gina tries to console Tim. After speaking to Sally on the phone, Gina's true feelings are now coming to the fore, and she decides its time to move out. As she leaves the house, and with the Manchester rain pouring, Tim dramatically calls Gina back into the fold.

The weather, almost mimicking the drama, seems prophetic somehow.
It seems Sally's sorrows are sure to continue...

Anyway, that's me for another week.

I hope you've enjoyed these Wednesdays episodes?.

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Fluttershy said...

Surely there is a second TV in the Rover's not-seen-in-years upstairs lounge?

Humpty Dumpty said...

Too many plot holes in Sally's storyline but one particularly irks me. Duncan is the father of Rosie's model friend. You think that Sophie would be on the phone to her sister to find out more about Duncan. Like, is his wife really dead, or does he have a woman friend who might be an accomplice? Wonder if Imran's conscience pricks so much that he turns detective. First question he should ask himself is why Duncan chose him and not a long-standing solicitor. Possible answer, the solicitor wouldn't want to lie.

Diane said...

Also if he had a sexual relationship with sally then why didnt Paula ask him to describe any birthmarks or scars on intimate places? They just took his word and rolled with it

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): But it's all about the drama--not whether or not they checked Sally for birthmarks! And all three actors are doing an amazing job. My prediction for the Sally-Gina saga--Gina and Tim will sleep together just once and then, of course, Gina will find conclusive evidence that Sally is NOT guilty and will be the one to get her sister out of prison. Then there will be the drama of sisters reunited and husband and wife reunited with the terrible secret just waiting to be uncovered!

Anonymous said...

No, I don't want sisters reunited! I want Gina gone - far far away, never to return. I cannot stand her.

Anonymous said...

What are the chances on this soap that after Gina and Tim do the hokey cokey just the once Gina, at whatever age she is, falls pregnant.

Taffy said...

Sally had breast cancer. So she would have scars and if he slept with he would have seen them.


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