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Sunday 18 November 2018

The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 23rd and 26th November 1990

The men of the Street were sneaking around behind their partners' backs, though their motives varied greatly.  Mike Baldwin returned home from his dalliance with Jackie to find Alma bereft at making him resign.  She begged him to get his job back, and Mike, the nasty bit of goods, let her think he was doing her a favour, while accepting expensive watches from his new girlfriend.  Don was still seeing Marie and slipping her groceries and tenners while letting down Ivy.  Marie didn't understand why he was being so nice to her, but admitted that Eddie was in prison for belting a policeman.  Ken continued his investigations into Phil but it made no difference to Deirdre, who agreed to a saucy weekend in London with him.  Sally went on her maternity leave, but tight-fisted Alf refused to get in any cover and decided Audrey would fill in for her.  Obviously Audrey immediately slacked off because she is far too good for such menial work.

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 28th and 30th November 1990

Deirdre asked Ken to look after Tracy while she went to London.  He took the opportunity to be smug, because Ken Barlow, but finally agreed.  Disappointingly for Deirdre Phil then cancelled on her but she went away anyway to treat herself.  Meanwhile Ken was discovering Tracy was a proper teenager now; when she larked about with Graham rather than going to the cinema with him he shouted at her in front of her boyfriend and embarrassed her.  Mike continued his affair with Jackie, claiming that he and Alma lived separate lives.  When Audrey saw him going into a restaurant with her she suspected he was up to no good, but Alma told him it was probably a business deal, the poor naive fool.  Phyllis was ill, and Percy turned up to do her shopping for her and give her soup.  He ended up dozing in her chair overnight.  Phyllis immediately took the opportunity to hint to Bet that his overnight stay hadn't been platonic.  Steph and Jenny got jobs as promotion girls for a cider company, which involved wearing skimpy outfits and flirting with strangers.  Because she is ace, Angie pointed out that the girls deserved better than being groped by pervs in bars to flog booze.  She complained to Sally about it, pointing at her bump and saying "how would you like it if that's a girl in there and she did that job?"  Oh Angie.  If only you knew.

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 3rd and 5th December 1990

Bad news, everyone: Victor Pendlebury is back.  He came to show off his new wife who, it turned out, was remarkably similar to Mavis herself.  Not that Mavis could see it and she was offended when Victor mentioned the resemblance.  Deirdre treated herself to an extra night in That London and asked Percy to pass the info on to Ken.  Unfortunately when he went in the Rovers looking for Barlow the regulars ribbed him about his scandalous night with Phyllis so he stormed out without telling anyone.  Ken got in a huff, thinking Deirdre had abandoned Tracy for a debauched weekend of sin, though he was also annoyed that Tracy found him an embarrassing old square.  The promo manager for Pomme de Lite cider turned up at the pub, sniffing at a Vicks Inhaler that I'm pretty sure was pre-watershed code for a different nasally inhaled substance.  He organised a night to promote the cider with Jenny and Steph in their saucy new outfits.  They tried to get out of it, but when he threatened not to pay them, they went in the Rovers and discovered Des and Mark and all their mates ready for a show.  It backfired when Des saw how many filthy leches Steph had to endure in her job, and when he tried to force her to resign and threatened to punch her boss, she performed a striptease in the pub to humiliate him.

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 7th and 10th December 1990

Steph and Des continued to row at the top of their voices, with Des kipping on Kev's sofa after getting drunk and staying out all night.  Steph refused to be told what to do by her husband.  Don found the gas board on the doorstep of Marie's, about to cut her off, and paid the ninety pound bill.  She was confused about why he kept helping her and offered to sleep with him to repay him.  Don was upset and told her she was better than that.  The Ingram's Christmas do was in full swing, playing some classic 90s House, but it caused a load of hassle for Mike.  Ivy caught him hugging Jackie, and though he was actually just consoling her, he still told Ivy to keep her mouth shut.  Jackie realised that she was the other woman and told Mike to make a decision between the two of them.  At the Quays, Alma confessed to Audrey (who's got Rula Lenska's hair colour now, 30 years before Claudia) that she knew he was sleeping with Jackie, but she hoped if she kept her head down it'd all blow over.

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 12th and 14th December 1990

Suzanne Hall was back from her maternity leave, which lead to far too much discussion of Kimberley's non-existent sex life with Curly.  He'd decided that as Christmas is a time for giving, she should give him her cherry, and began arranging the subterfuges to make sure it happened.  Kimberley was shocked to hear of his plan for a festive break in a hotel but finally caved in.  Mike treated Alma to an afternoon out as a way of making it up to her - and also annoying Jackie.  Don confessed to Human Lemon Pip Ivy that he was worried Marie might slip into prostitution.  Ivy disapproved that a woman could do that kind of thing (her solution to how a single mother should get out of debt was "she shouldn't have debts" because she's just that smart) but when Don took her to the flat she caved.  She invited Marie to stay in their spare room over Christmas.  Des made up to Steph by wearing a dunce cap, and they agreed she could carry on being a promo girl - which was lucky because she got the manager's job.  How that will affect Des's plans to have kids remains to be seen.

Christmas 1990 is coming next week, which means Rosie and David will be coming into the world.  Hide behind the sofa with @merseytart over on Twitter.

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