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Monday, 26 November 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review; Friday 23 November 2018

We all know that Hope is her father's daughter.  And she has trouble getting up in the morning - look at that bed hair (above).  However John Stape never bit anyone that I can recall whilst Hope thinks teacher would make a decent lunch!  The school wants to exclude Hope and despite the obnoxious deputy head (who is acting head with the real head off sick and wants the top job permanently) being a pain in the backside I feel that Ty and Fiz are wrong on this one - they can see nothing wrong with biting a teacher.  Is this modern parenting I ask myself.  Anyway Brian is given the run around by Phil (Deputy Dawg Headmaster) not only over the stupid ideas for panto (oh no he isn't, oh yes he is!),  who implies to Brian that he will withdraw Hope's exclusion from Bessie Street - but she has to go to a PRU (pupil referral unit).  To me that sounds like a soft option for Hope who probably should get some ect or similar!  Anyway an impasse threatens as Hope can only go to the PRU (not the insurance company) if her parents agree.  Phil tells Brian to get with the programme or else - his old fashioned ideas have no place in Bessie St these days.

Mary was pleased to find her son nearly two years ago and now despite him being a lying worthless git - well he is her son.  So his complete disappearance is making her unhappy and she thinks they ought to report him missing to the police.  Ex-wife Angie is not really interested and when the police do turn up she is far from sure that his loss of house, wife and job as a marine biologist sorry Kabin employee (and failure to become a paramedic) was enough for him to follow Aidan's path or as Mary expresses it "sleeping with the fish" which does seem appropriate.  When the police turn up Angie explains Jude's interest in marine biology (above)!  And the wardrobe team keep finding some amazing clothes for Angie - nearly always a single colour outfit.  Angie also knows now that Jude was mired in debt and had fleeced friends.  Angie explains that Jude just runs away from reality.

Gemma is grasping life by the hand - well a bacon butty in each hand and another two on the table in front of her seems like comfort eating as Cathy points out.  Cathy summons Chesney and effectively says Gemma's apology for her - words which Gemma could not bring herself to say, even though she would have wanted to apologise.  Chesney and Gemma later go to Speed Dahl and set their personal world to rights.  Emma finds them and initially is suspicious but both reassure her that they are sorting things out.  She joins them and whilst Gemma remains jealous that she has lost Chesney (but maybe only for now) they settle down to at least co-exist as Gemma makes it clear to Emma that she is not after Chesney.  After all it is hard not to like Emma.  I predict this will go on for years with neither Chesney or Gemma being free when the other one is!

There are two Street residents in the same jail, so naturally Abi needs to move in with Sally to get away from her druggie mate (Abi wants to stay clean).  Sally recounts her need to have an adjournment as suggested by Sophie down the phone.  Abi acts by thumping Sally hard enough (above) to send her to hospital.  Whilst the telephone calls are monitored there is apparently no CCTV in the cells.  Sal goes to hospital and the case is adjourned.  However Sophie, Tim, Gina and Paula go to the hospital where Sophie admits it was her idea.  Paula points out that the calls are monitored and it will be reported to the judge (whose opinion of Sophie is already at rock bottom and will not help Sal's case).  Gina finds it hard to believe that Sally would go to such lengths.  Tim not knowing the truth reassures Sally that he cannot manage without her and is glad it is not serious.  Sally however is returned to the prison by the second episode because it is only a smack around the face and not that serious.  She does thank Abi for the smack in the face.  In exchange Abi gets to explain about why she is in jail.  They go off for a game of pool.  Johnny is going to stand as character witness for Sally.

Talking of Gina, she is not sure if she is coming or going so decides to see Duncan and ask for him to tell his side of the story.  During his clever retelling of his side of events (above) I asked my wife if she believed any of it and she reminded me we had known Sally for years and knew she was not like that.  But he did sound amazingly convincing to me, although he did put up Gina's back when he described Tim as a slob.  Gina is far from sure she believes Sally and Duncan senses it.  Duncan then turns the screw, telling Gina to wise up and get away from Sally whilst she still can.  Gina returns to the Street and tells Tim and Sophie that she wants to testify and Tim accepts because they are short of character witnesses; at the very end Gina says that the world has to know what her sister is like.

Roll credits.

Looks like Gina has gone over to the dark side.  Hope is already there (treating a teacher as if he as a pepperami is one bite too many).  Jude is presumably going to reappear unless he is sleeping with his fishy friends.  Gemma meanwhile has given up Bill Oddie tattoo man and is off to Butlins Skegness to snog the man on the fun fair.

See you all in two weeks.  Corrie Comicals will be along later.

Writer: Chris Fewtrell, Director: Sean Healy


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coconno196 said...

Johnny hasn't known Sally for 5 minutes. Surely Ken, Rita, and Audrey would be better character witnesses?

Laura said...

Yup, totally agree. Poor writing.


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