Friday, 16 November 2018

Corrie's Top 10 Storylines of 2010s - No. 1

Guest blog post from Jade Rainbow who is on Twitter: @MissJE1994
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1. Aidan Connor's Suicide (2018)

There could only be one winner here really, and I'm pretty sure this storyline would be at the top if I ever managed to make a list of the best storylines ever. As I mentioned before, I don't cry at things on TV that aren't real, but little Jack made me cry, as in tears were rolling down my cheeks, but this storyline, just a couple of months earlier, made me straight up bawl my eyes out. I genuinely don't know how anyone could have sat through Gail's speech without sobbing. Aidan's silent struggle in the months leading up to his death was so subtle that a lot of people missed it completely, making the whole thing devastatingly realistic. 

I wrote a whole post about this too so again I won't go over and over it again, but I think what made this storyline so flawless was, obviously the performances from everyone involved, particularly Shayne Ward, Richard Hawley and Catherine Tyldesley, but also the sensitive way in which it was handled and not glorified in any way. The aftermath episode showed the community's different reactions to the news, and beautifully intertwined it with David's silent torment over his recent rape, and not once did we see Aidan's body or any of the circumstances of his death. It raised a huge amount of awareness, made a huge amount of difference, and was, in my opinion, the single most amazing episode of Coronation Street ever. 

That's all folks! Hope you enjoyed! What are your top ten storylines then?

Guest blog post from Jade Rainbow who is on Twitter: @MissJE1994
Fancy writing a guest blog post for us? All details here! 

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Louby said...

This was indeed very well done. One of his final scenes where they're all in the pub and chatting away and Aiden's sitting there silently and obviously tormented by his thoughts. And his visit to Eva, so sad!

All excellent choices. I'm not sure if I could choose 10 favourites but I would definitely include Becky's exit storyline and her very happy ending. That doesn't happen often in soap land does it?!

I might also include Lloyd and Andrea getting back together and leaving for .... I can't remember where they went! Yes I do love happy endings!

Laura said...

This was a very powerful story, to be sure. One of the things I found the most realistic and sad was everyone trying to figure out "why?" after, and not able to get any concrete answers because the one person who could answer their questions is gone.

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