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Wednesday 28 November 2018

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 28 Nov


SALLY FACES A LONG STRETCH AHEAD Having listened to the evidence Tim is once more of the belief that Sally may have had an affair. Sally is devastated. Meanwhile Paula ends it with Sophie.
KATE AND RANA ARE EXPECTANT Kate and Rana attend the fertility clinic. Kate’s giddy with excitement whilst Rana does her best to appear enthusiastic. Kate and Rana agree between them that Kate will carry their baby. Kate’s thrilled and tells Rana she can’t wait to be pregnant.
JENNY’S ALTRUISM ISN’T ALL IT SEEMS Jenny secretly puts Liz’s phone in water. When Liz realises it isn’t working Jenny says she is due an upgrade and offers Liz her old phone. What is she up to?
ELSEWHERE After a successful physio session, Jack announces that he wants to do some fundraising for the hospital. Kevin’s proud of his son. Jack reveals his one-legged race fundraiser idea to Greg.  Greg offers his full support. Aware that Robert is desperate to have a baby with her, Michelle suggests they take the afternoon off by way of a treat. When Angie explains that she’s changed the locks at No.3 as she needs to move on, Mary’s upset and vows to continue her search for Jude alone.


GINA’S PLAYING BOTH SIDES Tim confides in Gina that he feels an idiot believing Sally didn’t have an affair. Sally tells Gina she can’t bear the thought of her husband thinking she is a liar. Battling her emotions Gina tells Tim she is moving out but Tim tells her he wants her to stay.
RANA NEEDS A PREGNANT PAUSE Kate excitedly fills Johnny in on their trip to the clinic. Johnny’s thrilled at the prospect of another grandchild and Rana masks her anxiety. Rana bites the bullet and admits to Kate that she’s not happy at the idea of a complete stranger fathering their baby. Kate’s stunned. Michelle tentatively asks Robert if all Kate’s talk of babies has made him broody again. Robert covers and assures her he’s over it.
JENNY’S KEEPING TABS ON LIZ AND JOHNNY Johnny is sick of Rita being in the Rovers living room and says he is going to the Bistro for some peace and quiet. When Jenny sees on her app that Liz is also at the Bistro her suspicions are aroused. She bursts into the bistro - what will she find.
ELSEWHERE Jack calls in the corner shop and asks Dev if he’d like to sponsor the one-legged race fundraiser for the hospital. Under pressure from Evelyn, Dev agrees to donate £200. Roy treats Mary to afternoon tea in the bistro to celebrate Jude’s birthday and cheer her up. Mary paints on a smile as she surreptitiously reads an incoming text.

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Anonymous said...

OH PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!! Get Gina out of there, I don't care where she goes but get her away from Tim. She is absolute poison. And what is Tim thinking, doubting Sally like that!! Stupid fool.

Fluttershy said...

This whole Sally wrongfully imprisoned storyline is too close on the heels of the Anna Windass wrongfully imprisoned storyline. If they're going to recycle storylines, there needs to be a longer gap. And now it seems they're recycling the pregnant teen storyline with Amy Barlow. Puh-lease.

Frankly, I just don't care about Sally - it all happened so quickly - we knew she'd go down for it, and there's been no attempt to establish Duncan as a "bad guy" - the storylines seem to be moving with the speed they do on Neighbours, where everything is resolved in 5 weeks at the longest.

And yes, get rid of Gina! She's totally unbelievable as being related to Our Sal. Paula would make a better Seddon-sister!

(And for the love of the Soap-Gods, let Mary NOT find Jude. EVER.)

Humpty Dumpty said...

Inevitable that they would split Tim and Sally up though I'm 99% sure it's temporary. I don't mind ridiculous storylines - the ones the actors themselves laugh about in interviews - but this one doesn't have anything to redeem it. Without Tim and Sally's chemistry (which required regular interaction), the whole zingy set-up fizzles out. Have to agree with Fluttershy about recycled storylines. As for pregnancies, although she's not a very young teen, Bethany is probably in line for one and won't know if it's Ali's or Ryan's. Cue family feud between the Platts and the Connors.

Anonymous said...

Humpty, I hope you're right about Tim & Sally, I hope you're right!


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