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Friday, 30 November 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 30 November 7.30pm

Evening Corrie fans, it's Kelly here with the first of your Friday night reviews.

We open with Kate being uncharacteristically unselfish about her and Rana waiting before having a baby. Rana, quite reasonably, wants them to plan their wedding, have a few adventures and not rush into parenthood and asks Kate to be patient. This makes you wonder if she’s ever actually met her fiancĂ©e as there are three-year-olds who have more patience and self-control than Kate Connor.

And of the subject of bratty little girls, Fiz has arrived back from Bessie Street School having failed to drop off Hope. The little madam apparently threatened to throw up, kick the teachers and run away. Still I’m sure it’s not her fault, it’ll be the teachers who are to blame. If only they’d just stop their whinging and invest in some shin-pads. Evelyn reluctantly agrees to do the babysitting (although only under threat of having to pay rent). Unsurprisingly it doesn’t go well.  Evelyn tries a bit of tough love by giving Ruby praise and treats, and telling Hope she’s a naughty girl who doesn’t deserve treats. Hope retaliates by throwing Evelyn’s jigsaw on the floor and ripping the head off Ruby’s doll. When Fiz and Tyrone arrive back at the house Evelyn is punishing Hope by making her put her face against the wall.  It’s hardly a diet of gruel and the workhouse, but Fiz is still horrified at her little girl being treated so badly!

Over at the Bistro Angie is telling an assembled audience that baby George is keeping her going, and she regrets letting Jude call the shots. This plants an idea in Kate’s self-absorbed head and because she is a spoilt little Princess who no one has ever said no to, she immediately rushes over to Rana at the surgery; crashes into Kirk’s consultation and starts bleating about how she wants to adopt. Rana understandably loses her rag and throws her out.

In a little heart-warming diversion, Jack is organising a one-legged race to raise money for the hospital. It all goes well until he trips and gets a minor cut on his knee causing Kev to shout at everyone, which is what he does best anyway.

Over at the Bistro Kate gets drunk and starts bawling in the kitchen because she can’t have exactly what she wants at exactly the moment she wants it. When Robert tries to comfort her she asks him to be her baby-daddy. For the love of all that is holy Robert, do not say yes! Fathering a child by Kate Connor would be a decision on a par with the person who invented the atomic bomb. No doubt their initial intentions were good, but they unleashed a force upon the world so awesome and dreadful, that it threatened the whole of humanity. For the sake of mankind her ovaries should be sealed for eternity in a concrete bunker…stick to Michelle, she’s a brilliant mothe…oh no wait! ;-)

See you back here at 8.30...

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