Friday, 2 November 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 2 November 7.30pm

Evening Corrie fans it's Kelly here with our first visit to Weatherfield.

Sarah and Gary are getting frisky at the empty factory early in the morning when Peter walks in on them. No one had Mr Barlow down for being an up-with-the lark sorta man and it soon becomes clear that he an ulterior motive for being there when Nigel Steadman turns up for a secret meeting. Peter is sneakily trying to sell him his share of the factory.

When Carla arrives he lies to her that he has had a dentist appointment and goes off to meet Nigel at Speed Daal. Bit of a stupid plan as Carla has had a fair bit of practice spotting a Peter Barlow deception. After Sarah crumbles like a cheap digestive and gives up the information, Carla storms into Speed Daal, all flouncy indignation and cheekbones and tells Nigel to sling his hook. Then she and Peter have a very sexy Burton and Taylor-esque row and she tells him she doesn’t want to lose him. Peter’s ego inflates like a helium balloon and he promises not to sell to Nigel until he and Liz Carla have talked it over later in the Rovers.

Meanwhile over at Chez Metcalfe, Gina is preparing lunches and ironing Tim’s incredible collection of lumberjack shirts. I think Faye may have said something sweet and supportive at this point but I’m not entirely sure as I was completely distracted by the Towie-style makeover she seems to have had. That shiny forehead was weirdly reminiscent of Katie Price, so no doubt her next storyline will involve her bringing out a range of pink equestrian products whilst moaning about her personal life in OK Magazine.

Outside Victoria Court Ronan’s mum Patti Truman ambushes Ali demanding to know what happened to her son. At Roy’s Ali repeats his story that he tried his best to save him and three, (yes three), hours later she finally believes him and tells him he’s a hero. Unfortunately our ‘hero’ is a broken man. And who wouldn’t be after spending your whole morning in the cafĂ© with nothing to sustain you but Roy’s weak tea and a Manchester tart. Michelle finds him on the floor outside the flat in bits and he runs off telling her he can’t live with the guilt.

Just at that moment Carla turns up and has to comfort Michelle. This means she stands Peter up at the Rovers. He goes back to the factory, starts rooting through her drawers (leave it) and finds a letter from the bank that suggests ironically that she’s trying to buy him out. There'a a loud pop and the smell of leaking helium and an enraged Peter phones Nigel to tell him the deals back on…

See you back here for my 8.30 review.

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David Hughes said...

Kelly - in the same way that I always get excited when a Jonathan Harvey scripted episode comes along, so I look forward to your critiques. Always witty and observant. keep going please!!

Rosie said...

Fabulous review! Loved all the Carla and Peter shenanigans tonight!

Kelly Archer said...

Thanks David and Rosie that's lovely to hear. I'm quite new to blogging so comments like this really make my day.

maggie muggins said...

Ooh yes! Totally agree, great blog review, Kelly! Love "crumbled like a cheap digestive" and FayE's "Towie-style Makeover". Sometimes we love Corrie for unexpected reasons. A good reviewer is one of them!

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