Friday, 2 November 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review 2 November 8.30pm

We’re back and Peter is already getting Adam to draw up a contract for the factory sale. Just as you should never do your food shopping when you’re hungry, I can’t help thinking that you shouldn’t do business deals with a bruised ego. But it’s all academic anyway as Nigel has decided he’s out. He thought Carla was aware of the deal and doesn’t want a hostile partner, certainly not one who could probably give him a nasty papercut with one of her cheekbones.

The lady in question is still at Michelle’s. The two of them now seem to have identical hair, eyebrows and leather jackets which makes you question both the range of beauty salons in Greater Manchester and the possibility of Ali having a suppressed oedipal complex. Michelle is about to tell Carla about the murder and how it's affected HER, when Ali himself arrives home drunk and Carla decides to leave them to it.

Drunk Ali promptly confesses to Robert that he murdered Ronan and wants to hand himself in. Robert seems quite surprised by this, I don't understand why as I’m pretty sure that Michelle has already sang like a canary and told Robert that secret that she promised to take to the grave. Robert tells Ali not to go to the police, but to return to his GP training where he will have the opportunity to save thousands of lives. He also offers him a job at the bistro while he decides what he wants to do. Please don’t let this be Ali’s fate. I’ve lost count of how many once bright and educated characters are reduced to waiting tables or collecting glasses. Can we please just once have a character who’s rewarded rather than punished for their intellect.

Meanwhile it's all happening over at the Rovers: Nick is telling Leanne how he’s changed. He’s not bothered by Peter or Steve anymore and just wants to stick around. Leanne’s not having any of it, unsurprisingly as it’s all a teeny bit creepy and stalkerish.  Gina and Tim are back from a football match and growing closer over a game of darts. Whilst out in the backroom Carla is confessing to Johnny that she might still be in love with Peter. ‘Now I can buy him out I don’t want to’ she says. Johnny, whilst not that happy about his daughter still having feelings for the man who broke her heart, tells her she needs to talk to him.

A call comes through from Peter asking Carla to meet him in the factory.  She rushes over about to take her dad’s advice, but Peter has a shock for her.  He is still selling his share but to…Nick.

And that’s all from me for this week Corrie fans.  Hope you've enjoyed it as much as me. Byeee.


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Humpty Dumpty said...

Could see a quadrangle of Peter/Leanne/Nick/Carla. Peter opens a new betting shop and employs Leanne who previously worked with him in one. Carla will hate Leanne and have to endure her new business partner, Nick, whining about his lost love working with her lost love.

Sharon boothroyd said...

I'm getting fed- up of the Nick/Leanne/ Peter/ Carla thing.
No matter which way you pair these 4 up, they're bound to end up getting married, then having an affair with one of the others. I don't like how the love interest story lines are re-hashed.
Surely Nick and Leeanne won't marry for the 3rd time? It's absurd! What I also find absurd is how Nick is always mooning after L. It's creepy and obsessive, yet we're supposed to find it incredibly touching and romantic.
Perhaps the Corrie team think us viewers are on edge thinking, will they/ won't they?
When there's so much history between these 4, actually I'm finding that I couldn't care less. I'd like to see Leeane and Carla with new partners, without Peter and Nick getting jealous and trying to ruin their new romances.
Vice versa with Peter and Nick.I expect they'll have Peter having a fling with Nick's most recent wife now!

Louby said...

I couldn't have put it better myself Sharon. I found last night's episodes incredibly dull. As well as the 4 mentioned above we had to suffer Michelle wailing again and exclaiming how Ali had "run off" like he was a six year old or something. We've got the possibility of Tim and Gina having a fling, and the imminent return of Rana. I don't usually have such a downer on the show but last night's just seemed to combine all my least favourite things!

Anonymous said...

I recorded Friday's episodes and didn't watch them until last night. And I wasn't really bothered about watching them at all. This is from a life-long fan who has never missed an episode since it started. Comes to something when I'm "just not bothered" any more!!!

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