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Sunday 23 September 2018

Corrie Comicals week ending 21 September 2018

Hi everyone I am back from a sojourn in Scotland taking in some wonderful scenery, eating well and even consuming the odd dram of whisky.  Meanwhile plenty has been happening in the mean streets of Weatherfield and I can report on some of the lighter moments from this week.  It would be far too easy to let someone looking extremely like Lillian Spencer but now called Evelyn steal this post as she was given all the best lines.  However first up (above) we must celebrate the look on Sally's face as she enjoys telling the Battersby sisters that they have both been boffing Imran.  She has just revealed his pros and cons list.

Talking of Imran's little list we were given this close up of the top half of the list.  The downsides are that Toyah discusses vegetables during foreplay and Leanne has more baggage than Manchester Piccadilly station.  Imran spends most of Wednesday thinking he is about to have both of them!

A sidewise look at the impact Evelyn is making comes from Rita and Ken (who was already in the Rovers when he was invited to join Evelyn's team for the first quiz).  (And where was Jenny Connor - she seems to have gone missing?).  Evelyn cost her team first place as she was unable to correctly recall that P.G. stands for Pelham Grenville and it has nothing to do with a brew - it is the two first names of a famous comedic writer. 

Evelyn is also shaky on American geography as this newspaper article demonstrated.  Why would Weatherfield twin with any of Atlanta, Chicago or Detroit please?

Rightly Paula Martin is looking really ashamed as she hears Sally's comments on Imran's boffing the Battersby sisters - Paula meanwhile has just dropped Sophie off to do the walk of shame as they have spent the night together and will be boffing Sophie again shortly. 

A couple of weeks ago you may recall Carla tested Peter's memory and behaviour with a Tina (on the left) lookalike called Carina (middle).  However she has now employed Vicky Jeffries (on the right) as Kirk's assistant in packing.  Now call me myopic if you like but I reckon that she looks as much like Tina (sans the constant tan) as did Carina.  So will Tyler and Simon end up being brothers?

Claudia is putting right the handiwork of an awful old battle-axe who made a mess of cutting Ken's hair earlier in the day - she does not realise this was Audrey who was in a bit of a bate at the time - but it certainly wiped the smile of Audrey's face!  And it looks like Ken might have pulled again!

The dancing lessons continue and this week Tracy is instructing Steve on the tender moment when he runs his hand down his partner's arm and her side.  Steve is dancing with Mary and does not actually seem to be enjoying practicing with Mary - and his hand moves in a very uncertain fashion, far from tender!

Which brings the return of my "Extras at Work" feature - two passer-bys are looking through the Community Centre window watching the antics inside as are Beth and Abi inside!

All in all it was a boffing good week.

Writers: Simon Crowther (Monday), Susan Oudot & Ian Kershaw (Wednesday), David Isaac & Mark Wadlow (Friday)
Directors: Vicky Thomas (Monday), John Anderson (Wednesday &Friday)


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