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Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 26th of Sept 8.30pm

As promised, here is tonight's second episode review of this Wednesdays Coronation Street.

With Steve's latest admission, Tim, once again, tries to give the cabbie some welcome advice. A de-clutter maybe just what he needs, before he tells Tracy he cant marry her!. But, another bombshell awaits. The (false) DNA results have proved that Hannah is his sister!. I can't say I'm bothered either way, but, it will be interesting to see Jim get his comeuppance.

With Leanne's tartan trauma and baggage causing her hurt, she seeks solace in Steve, who blurts out his true feelings to his baby mamma, over a drink in The Rovers.

Meanwhile, at Number 9, the kids are now raising hell, knowing that Brian isn't really Santa. Will this put him off the teaching job?.

Josh is settled in Billy's flat whilst his sight recovers. As a blissfully unaware Sean welcomes the houseguest, will the vicar encourage the dastardly Josh to repent?.

Back the pub, Steve and Leanne's flirtations (despite lacking chemistry) suddenly turns into a bottle of whisky and some classic Luther Vandross, back at his flat.

Tim's suspicions suitably roused, he bumps into Peter who is also looking for Steve; Amy is in hospital.

Steve, however, swerving Abbie's dirty dancing, has courted temptation, get drunk on whisky and cheated again, with Leanne Battersby!.

A de-clutter?. I think Steve will need more than that when Tracy finds out!.

In other news- Ryan and Cormac arrange a night out, and Johnny confesses his affair to Carla.

As I am now writing both Wednesday nights episodes, I shall score this week a 7/10. Well written, 'Carry on Corrie', Evelyn, Leanne and Steve, and plenty of Tracy Barlow!.

What would you score it?

Anyway, that's me for another week.

I hope you've enjoyed my mid-week paean to the drama of Coronation Street.

I'm @rybazoxo  - your self-styled 'Cobbles Connoisseur'.


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