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Friday 14 September 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 12th of Sept 8.30pm

Hiya. I don't know about you, but I'm still not over Jim and Hannah kissing! There are quite a few more revelations and surprises in the 8.30pm Wed episode. 

Tyrone meets Evelyn, the lady he believes is his nan. And she turns out to be an old-school Corrie battle axe. And do you know what? I loved her! Hard exterior, and says what she thinks, but she is nursing pain. And Maureen Lipman is superb. Ty learns that mum is dead and Evelyn is all he has got. Although, she seems far from excited. 

Meanwhile, Liz is being played like a violin and is trying to make up for lost time with the daughter she believed was dead. Little does she know that her Hannah is Jim's (girlfriend) 

Ryan and Ali are still trying to trace the idiot's whip-coin account and get to the cash. The forgetful one (Ryan) now thinks he has the password written in his Gaza autobiography. So, off they go, looking for it. They are hardly Nic Cage in the film Hidden Treasure so, lord knows when they will find what they're looking for. 

Adam finds out about Imran's dalliances with both Battersby sisters. Would you go to Toyah for counselling after this? Adam is mildly amused by his colleague's antics. 

The tablet football tournament is as exciting as it sounds (not very) and David and Dev are not amused when Liam ends up winning. Cue, Maria to get revenge on the Platts/Roberts. 

And the Dobbs' girls lock Brian out. Why? They want to see Father Christmas climb down the chimney. His babysitting days are numbered when the 'terrible two' realise he is not Santa Claus. 

To summarise the best bits, Maureen Lipman is a great addition to the street and watching Liz being fooled and have her grief undone with good news, In order to be duped is upsetting to watch. But, It will make a good drama, so it will!  

See ya next week. 
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Flo said...

Those were two of the most cringeworthy episodes I can remember in a very long time. If they had been the first episodes I'd ever watched, I'd never watch again. Between the Jim/Hannah stupidity, David and his win at all costs fit and all of the other ridiculousness, it was not entertaining at all.

maggie muggins said...

Yep, Flo, maybe the only good thing is the new traditional battle-axe, Nan Evelyn. Well acted, almost too perfect. I will enjoy her, even thought Lipman's Radio Times interview put me off with her belief that women who dress a 'certain way' might be inviting harassment, and #metoo might be a bit overdone. Puh-lease.

Look forward to some better storylimnes.

Anonymous said...

I really don't know what 'fans' want from Corrie- I have really been enjoying the show as of late with its calmer stories, greater interaction with different characters & comedy peppered throughtout. I particularly enjoyed Wednesday's episodes at the hands of Corrie's best writer- Chris Fewtrell.

Anonymous said...

I don't find the tragic death of a baby being exploited for a scam as 'good drama'but a sickening story line.
Although she's not a fave character per se with me,I feel sorry for Liz who doesn't deserve to be hurt so badly this way.
As for the Battersby women\Imram triangle,didn't Leanne go through this already with Eva for Nick's affections?Another terrible story line and obivously the writers don't know what to do with Toyah and Leanne now.

Laura said...

I find it hard to believe that after having gone through the tragedy of a loss of a child with her, and knowing he still loves her, that Jim would do this to Liz. I really wish they hadn't done this storyline, or that at least Jim wasn't in on it.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I wish they hadn't brought a romantic element into Jim and Hannah's relationship. The age gap is much wider than any previous relationship in Corrie, around 40 years, I think. Liz's pregnancy was a shock to the couple because they were both getting on. It's true he had a fling with Fiona, Steve's girlfriend, but the age gap was narrower and he looked much younger. It's creepy now. Couldn't they have just been partners-in-crime? It's Jim's motivation for revenge which drives this story on not his infatuation with Hannah or at least until he feels remorse. Although I have to say I don't much like this storyline at all.

The Imram triangle is boring but I don't suppose it will go on for long. It doesn't rescue Toyah as a character, Imram is dull and Leanne deserves better.

Diane said...

I thought evelyns acting was cringingly bad


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