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Friday 7 September 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 7 September 8.30pm

And we’re back in the Rovers where it’s fair to say that Jim is about as welcome as a hedgehog in a condom factory. Peter tries to attack him for the dodgy alcohol he gave him in prison and Steve storms out of the Rovers telling his dad that he’s nobody to him.

Finally, Liz takes him to the backroom, but not before Jim has clocked the sexual tension between her and Johnny. He can read Elizabeth like a book, so he can. He wants to know why Liz’s name isn’t still above the door of the Rovers, why Steve is marrying the Antichrist and a stiff drink…not necessarily in that order. Liz dully fills him in on all the news, including that he has a grandson, but he only gets a cup of tea. Sure, that’ll not quench a man’s brave first.

Back at the hospital Bethany is still ranting at Billy who argues that everybody deserves a chance at redemption. Bethany is having none of it and returns to Coronation Street to tell David. She’s stopped in her tracks when Shona tells her what a good place David is in now. She tells Billy that she’ll keep his secret providing he stays away from Josh. That’s not even the most exciting thing to happen at number 8 as David and Shona have invited Audrey and Lewis around for tea. Gail is understandably put out at the silver fox crossing her threshold, but unfortunately it’s only vampires who need an invitation to enter, not suave conmen with a penchant for naval wear. She issues one of her trademark ‘either they go, or I do’ ultimatums. Oh dear Gail. Shut the door on your way out.

Elsewhere Paula invents at least three hastily fabricated reasons to see Sophie. She seems to be a rather accomplished liar does Paula, although on the other hand Sally is very easily fooled. Having completely misread the situation she decides to set Paula up on a date with Kevin, which to Sophie’s chagrin she agrees to as a way to get Sally off her back.  Carla is also up for a bit of matchmaking, thinking that she might be able to push Peter back into Toyah’s floral clad arms. Not out of any sort of altruism of course, just as a way of removing the irresistible Barlow-shaped temptation from her own life.

Back at the Rovers Jim is on his way. He gives Peter a heartfelt apology, asks Liz to intercede with Steve and walks out the door and into a car containing a mysterious young woman.

‘Did you tell them?’ she asks.
‘All in good time’ says Jim.

Right that’s it from me. I’m off to practice my Jim McDonald accent so I am. Until next Friday…

By Kelly on twitter:

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Anonymous said...

I would find be more credible if the long lost dead daughter was part of a scam by Jim to bilk Liz and Steve because he believes they have cash from ownership of the pub.

Tamar said...

Maybe she’s Jim’s daughter, as there seems to be DNA proof. Not Liz’s.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I rather think the same as Tamar. I don't know if the dates add up but Jim had a relationship with a woman who was a shopaholic. I remember he cut her credit cards up.

Now this is a wild theory but it is possible to fabricate DNA. Who knows whether Jim kept a lock of Liz's hair and then mixed in his sample with that of the 'daughter'? Andy's DNA sample might have been collected with or without his knowledge. We'll see what Jim's reaction is when Steve demands his own DNA test with his 'sister'.

Susan said...

Or the DNA results are fake? Didn't Adam just get fake DNA results in an attempt to help Eva?

maggie muggins said...

Great write-ups, Kelly, thanks! For me, it became difficult to savour the return of Big Jim after the sight of Tim gouging pudding out of a plastic cup with his fingers! Bleurgh!

And while it's good there's a nod to bisexuality with Paula, why does she have to be a liar and a sneak? Why couldn't she finish Sally's legal case, get to know Sophie slowly if she's so smitten, then see how the rest of the family feels about it. If Sally is such a proud mother of a lesbian daughter as she constantly proclaims, that shouldn't be such a problem. At this point, the age difference might be the only societal bump in the road. She is literally old enough to be Sophie's mum.

Cobblestone said...

Anon @ 22:51 Except that wouldn’t be at all credible as it would be completely out of character for Jim, who went to prison in the first place because of his stupid attempt to get the money to buy the Rovers for Liz. He’s always been sincere in his feelings for his family. (Okay, so his last appearance, which had him morphing into a prison villain was infuriatingly out of character, but his apology to Peter and argument that incarceration was turning into someone he despised has at least addressed this and brought him back in line with his old character). While I agree the ‘dead daughter’ storyline lacks credibility, I’d rather have unlikely plot points than character transplants.

Louby said...

Do we have another love triangle coming up? We've had parent and child involved with the same person before, I'm thinking about Jim, Steve and Fiona. Any others?

I was also wondering if DNA could be falsified. Thinking along the lines that this Katie is a con artist, discovered that the real Katie had died and is pretending to be her.


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