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Sunday 30 September 2018

Corrie Comicals, week ending 28 September 2018

This post and my report of Friday events in the Street have been delayed because I finally got around to my trip to Weatherfield as we spent part of Saturday morning walking just where the above was filmed.  Tracy and Beth have just been discussing the Battersby slapper sisters - straight out of a Carry On film according to R'Adam which leads Beth to do the Kenneth Williams line!

Jenny has reappeared and was given a great line, delivered fondly, when talking about Jim and Liz who were one of those couples that just made sense - like Burton and Taylor in a mad way; in a terrace she says.  (But was she talking about them as themselves or in the film "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?"). 

Early in the first episode on Monday (you might have missed it - Steve did) Tracy has free passes for the spa at the new wedding venue and she will not be giving the second one to Mary who is going with her for the menu tasting [if they both go who is running the florist?].  And earlier there was banter about Imran and the Battersby sisters with Steve making reference to two women being many men's fantasy.  Above we see the free pass.  Steve reads the other side "Mr Priority number one.  Have a free pass on me.  No arguments you deserve it.  Enjoy or Else!"  See below.

I think we can all guess how Steve might just get the wrong idea as he folds it without looking at the other side!  Tim cleverly points out that this is Tracy's test of his devotion.

We should mention Eileen reporting on Abi and Steve attempting to learn the secret first dance for the reception "I have seen better coordination in a washing machine full of hamsters"!

For men of a certain age you have to hand it to Ken Barlow.  Over the years he has romanced Purdey of the New Avengers, Jean from dinnerladies, Connie from Connie and now Lintilla of the HHGTTG.  Not many leading men have achieved that collection of partners.

Clearly omitting Evelyn from these reports is going to be difficult as she is deliberately being given the best lines at present.  So this week we see her telling Brian that his talking to plants can only be good for them "nothing like manure to make things grow".  Later on we see her bringing back two french sticks no doubt bought at half price!

A warning.  This is where a single malt whisky leads.  Although I rather think they had probably had more than one each.  Anyway they tell Peter and Tim that Steve says his thermostat is broken, hence the lack of cothing and whilst it appears that Leanne is still wearing tights, evidence later is that they had slept together.  Odd as those two reportedly have no chemistry (although the biology seems to work).

Having earlier been counselled by Roy about the difference between literally and figuratively, Ryan used literally and then realised he meant figuratively or perhaps he meant literally - he is confused.  Michelle has absolutely no idea what he is talking about!

I think this was almost predictable.  Jude went along to the community centre and Yasmeen had suffered a minor cut whilst washing up.  She shows Jude the blood and the budding paramedic passed out immediately!  Another career dead end.

Extras at Work is here again this week:

This week the extra even had a name - it was "Vicky" - she was celebrating her birthday and the delivery of her birthday cake brought this wide smile!

Writers:  Alasdair Morrison & Mark Burt (Monday), Chris Fewtrell (Wednesday), Owen Lloyd-Fox (Friday)
Directors: Ian Barber (Monday & Wednesday), Ian Bevitt (Friday)

And the trip along the Street was awesome!


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Louby said...

The scene with Tracy and Leanne discussing Oliver's outfit for the wedding was hilarious. Leanne doesn't want him looking like he's jumped off a shortbread tin! And something along the lines of "the Battersbys don't have a tartan....
"Well I'm not dressing him in a shell suit".

There seems to be much more funny stuff to report on now, compared to when you started doing this, which I think was in the dark days of Phelan? Great stuff!

bluegardenia said...

I watched all the episodes last week [Canada] and I am just astounded at what people find entertaining. First of all we are introduced to Tyrone's "Nan" a more obnoxious person you could never meet. And the very next day she's moved in!! Then we watched as Corrie turned the two Battersby sisters into sluts. Then as if that wasn't enough we see Jim and "Katie" snogging yuck...and now they are out to defraud, steal rip-off whomever and whatever they can. We are subjected to Kevin on a painful "date" with Sophie's new love interest..I mean really a friend of Sally's from school coming onto Sophie like a Mac truck...please please stop the insanity!!! Finally, with regard to the Rover's Quiz night....Atlanta is indeed the most eastern city out of Chicago, Detroit and Atlanta. I've been watching Corrie for more than 35 years...never have I seen such codswallop as what has been presented to us recently. How about a little reality??? And put your heads together to give us at least some realism to the show.

sbdriver said...

I just checked a map and I'm pretty sure Detroit is farther east than Atlanta.

I'm kind of getting used to Tyrone's nan. I'll take her over Claudia any day. And as much as I like Jim MacDonald, I'm not a fan of the fraud storyline either.

After all the Phelan drama I am enjoying some of the lighter storylines, no matter how far fetched they may be.


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