Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 19 Sep

Wednesday 19th September
SALLY SHOOTS HERSELF IN THE FOOT Sally is nervous for her pre trial hearing and goes looking for Sophie at No. 13 but walks in on her and Paula together. Sally calls one of the witnesses on Imran’s list. Paula warns her she could get in serious trouble but Sally refuses to listen and sacks her and tells Sophie she doesn’t want her at court either. Tim is worried.
IMRAN TAKES IT OUT ON LEANNE When Imran finds a list of pros and cons about him made by Leanne and Toyah he sacks Leanne.
CARLA PULLS RANK Despite Peter’s appeal to Carla to sack Vicky, Carla is left with no choice but to keep her on when Beth and Kirk phone in sick. She tells Peter to get over it.
ELSEWHERE It’s gardening wars for Brian and Geoff. Fiz tells Tyrone it might be better if Evelyn found somewhere else to live. Tyrone refuses.

Wednesday 19th September
SALLY GOES IT ALONE Sally sets off for court with no solicitor and a very worried Tim and Gina. Imran is amused that she is representing herself and wastes no time telling the judge that she has harassed a witness.
ADAM MAKES IMRAN GROVEL Adam insists that Imran will have to give Leanne her job back as the filing system is in a mess.
PETER ADMITS HE’S MADE A MISTAKE Simon is horrified when Peter tells him he is determined to sack Vicky and tells his dad it will only make things worse. Instead Peter tells Vicky she can keep her job but she needs to tell Tyler to call off his mates.
ELSEWHERE Audrey is upset when Maria reveals that Claudia plans to open her new salon in Victoria Street. Evelyn is interested to discover Tyrone was once engaged to Maria. Tyrone is upset when Evelyn says she lost all photos of his mum in a house fire. Geoff and Brian’s gardening war hots up as Geoff resorts to sabotage.

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