Sunday, 9 September 2018

What Coronation Street means to me

Guest blog post from Sophie Brown who is on Twitter:

The first thing I'd like to mention is that I am a hardcore fan after being introduced by my mum when I was about 7 or 8. My mum has watched it all her life and when she was in labour with me she waited until the episode she was watching during her contractions had finished before she went to hospital!

My mam has also watched it since it started. The three generations of four family are fans. During this time, Judy Mallet had died and Martin had started his affair whilst married to Gail Platt. These are my earliest memories from when I first watched the show. From then on I hid behind the cushion on the sofa when I watched Richard Hillman commit his murders of several people and come close to killing others. I fell in love with Craig Harris at a teenager and became a goth hoping to be like Rosie!

As I approached adulthood I fell apart from the show when I started my full time job and had my first boyfriend. Then when we split up and consequently I was left heartbroken I tuned back into the show, my mum still watching it she was able to fill me in on what I had missed.

I loved Peter and Carla together and how he treated her in the very beginning. Like chicken soup the old characters like Roy Cropper and Rita comforted me during this difficult time in my life. Now my favourite characters are still Rita and Roy but I also like Tim and Sally and it's characters like these who bring light to the show.

By Sophie Brown who is on Twitter:

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