Sunday, 23 September 2018

Lance Corporal Cassidy Little joins Coronation Street.

Canadian news CBC report that Lance Corporal Cassidy Little is joining Coronation Street. 

Cassidy is a former Royal Marine medic, who lost his right leg below the knee during a tour of Afghanistan in the summer of 2011.  You might recognise him from BBC's The People's Strictly in 2015.

On Coronation Street, Cassidy will play an amputee who meets with Jack Webster and explains how he dealt with losing his leg and becoming a Paralympian.

Cassidy tells CBC: "I've come in as a military buddy of another character and kind of trains Paralympic athletes, and I've come in as the guy who grabs life by the horns and shakes really hard, and then shakes really hard, and then tries to rub that attitude off a little bit, by proxy, onto Jack."

Little will appear in six episodes of the show.

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1 comment:

coconno196 said...

Looking forward to this. Cassidy is a great bloke and a good actor. He also danced an amazing Paso Doble with Natalie on The People's Strictly. He's done a lot to publicise how to overcome disability.

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