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Saturday 29 September 2018

Corrie weekly update – Free pass and the truth about Santa

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It’s the run up to Steve and Tracy’s wedding and she gives him a free pass to the spa at the hotel where the reception’s going to take place. Steve mistakes this for a free pass to sleep with any woman he chooses, especially after Tracy tells him “other people can do it better than I can for you.” It actually sounds quite corny but was a very funny storyline. Anyway, just when we think that Steve is going to cash his free pass in and sleep with Abi after she walks him through his wedding dance Dirty Dancing moves, Steve goes and has the time of his life instead with Leanne, again.  Now then, the other week Leanne slept with Imran so I’m guessing she’ll end up pregnant again and we won’t know who the daddy is until it pops out.

Tyrone’s grandmother Evelyn divides opinion on the street. Some people love her, some not so much. I love her. She upsets Brian when she tells Hope, Ruby and Joseph that Brian isn’t really Santa Claus. She upsets Chesney, and ooh, just about everyone she comes into contact with. What a breath of fresh air she is.

Blind Josh turns up at Billy’s door and Billy gives him refuge. That is, until David finds out what the vicar’s gone and done and he tells Billy that Josh has raped at least one other man that he knows about.

Ken starts writing short stories for the Gazette and in an effort to get material for his story, he wines and dines Claudia for salacious tales from her hair salon. She knows she’s being hit up for stories, she’s not daft, but she goes along with Ken’s daft plan for now.

Liz offers her life savings to ‘daughter’ Hannah and Jim as the two of them go ahead with their daft plan to fleece Liz of her cash. I’m finding this storyline very hard going, totally unbelievable and can’t wait for it to be over. Jim finds out from Steve that Liz and Johnny had a one-night stand and so he decides to blackmail Johnny for the cash instead of hitting up Elizabeth for it.  But will Johnny cave in to his demands?

Sally’s beaten up in prison and while she’s away, husband Tim gets cosy at home with her sister Gina. It’s all pointing towards an affair for the two of them behind Sally’s back and under her nose while she’s banged up.

Elsewhere this week, Jude faints at the sight of blood when Yasmeen cuts her finger in Jamila House. He tells everyone he’s going to train to be a paramedic after he pretended to save Roy’s life after he was stung by a bee. But he’s lying again, to his wife, to his mum Mary, to everyone. Which makes it all the more galling that he accepts a cheque from Roy for three thousand pounds towards his paramedic training, so grateful is Roy for saving his life.

And finally this week in a nonsense of a storyline about Cormac, a character who was just been brought in last week, we’re supposed to care that he’s died of a drugs overdose. The after effects will ripple, I’m sure, around Michelle, Ryan and Ali when Cormac’s drug dealer dad Ronan turns up.

HOSPITAL KLAXON: Amy fractures her elbow, keeping her in hospital and away from her parents’ wedding.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Anonymous said...

Why on earth would Amy be kept in the hospital with a fractured elbow? Ridiculous! She of course would be treated at the hospital but not kept in.

Anonymous said...

Getting mightily fed up of the 'we slept together because we had too much to drink' storyline. Does Leanne have no moral compass? I know you will say 'well what about Steve' but Leanne had slept with 2 men in 2 weeks.


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