Saturday, 22 September 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 21 September 7.30pm

We open in prison with Sally, the new Weatherfield one, practicing her relaxation techniques. One thing you can say about Corrie is they get the most out of their sets. That prison and hospital has had more use this year than Liz’s tummy-control thong.

Sally could be gracing both with her presence soon as, totally forgetting where she is, she boasts about formerly being the mayor and having a rich husband, earning her a bloody nose from her thieving cellmate. Weeping and humiliated she realises her mistakes, forgives Sophie and reinstates Paula.

The man who is partly the cause of all this isn’t having a much better day. In the café Imran is humiliated by the Battersby sisters when he’s made to get down on one knee and apologise to Leanne. Then outside the café he gets a thumping from Tim for putting Sally behind bars.  That’ll teach him to be educated and look dashing in a suit. Everyone knows the best way to avoid misfortune in Weatherfield is to have one O-level in pottery and dress like you’ve rolled yourself in glue and ran through Primark.

Talking of style Ken gets a terrible haircut from Audrey which Claudia offers to fix in return for a glass of vino. When Aud calls round to apologise Ken is in a face pack looking a dead ringer for Sergei in the opening credits.

Meanwhile over at Chez McDonald there’s some bad news concerning the impending nuptials. Tracy and Steve’s wedding venue has gone up in flames. How did that happen? Did Tracy cross the threshold without being invited? Either way they can’t get the deposit back.

‘I’m gonna be skint after this wedding’ Steve moans to his feckless father, causing Jim to text Hannah telling her they’ll have to concentrate on getting the money out of Liz. Not a girl to hang about, Hannah immediately pretends to collapse in the Rovers from her fake illness.

I’m not sure this is part of Big Jim’s plan so it’s not…but we’ll find out at 8.30.

by Kelly @mskelstar

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