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Saturday 8 September 2018

Corrie weekly update – Jim returns and Sophie gets a cougar

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Jim McDonald returns this week, giving everyone a shock when he turns up in the Rovers unannounced and unwanted. “How are ye, Steven?” he asks his son, who’s trying to celebrate his stag do. Then he turns to his ex-wife, standing behind the bar with Johnny Connor at her side “Elizabeth?”  Jim’s out of the big house, so he is, and back in Weatherfield, but what’s he after this time? All will be revealed in due course, but suffice to say that he brings with him a dark-haired young woman who sits and waits in secret for Jim in a parked car far from the pub.

Mary arranges a vow renewal ceremony for son Jude and daughter-in-law Angie and it’s  as cringeworthy as you expect. No-one wants to be there, apart from Jude and Mary, and through gritted teeth Angie renews her vows.  Not to be thwarted, Jude determines to win wife Angie back and when Roy is stung by a bee and falls to the ground unable to breath, it’s Ali who saves Roy’s life with an epi-pen to combat the bee sting. But Jude takes the credit for saving Roy’s life, well, he was there after all when Roy collapsed. Everyone hails Jude as a hero, everyone except Ali of course.

HOSPITAL KLAXON:  Pregnant Sinead starts bleeding and has to have a raft of tests.

HOSPITAL KLAXON: Bethany follows Billy the vicar and discovers he’s visiting Josh.

Elsewhere this week, Sophie Webster snogs Princess Paula – that’s the nickname Sally gave to her old schoolmate who’s now acting as solicitor in Sally’s case against dodgy Duncan. Paula’s bisexual and will, it seems, pounce on anything that moves. This week it’s Sophie, although Sally’s hopeful that Paula and Kevin will hit it off. Meanwhile, Sophie and the much-older Paula are at pains to hide their fling from Sally, knowing full well what she’ll say when she finds out.

Jack comes home from hospital and Weatherfield County footballer Tommy “He’s fast, he’s mean, he likes a fruit machine, Tommy O! Tommy O!” Orpington even turns up as the local celebrity to welcome him home.

Tyrone and Fiz go the will-reading of Tyrone’s mum Jackie. His dad Darren attends too and reveals to Tyrone that he wasn’t Jackie’s son and that Darren's not his dad. Jackie, it turns out, had stolen Tyrone, just as she nicked so much else in her life. Tyrone’s distraught at the news and with Roy and Brian’s help they try to track down any stories about baby abduction 36 years ago, but to no avail.

Toyah starts work at the medical centre as a counsellor and when she’s locked out of her flat in her jim-jams Peter takes her in and gives her Tracy’s clothes to wear. He also makes her a packed lunch and puts a note inside that ends with a little kiss. Sweet.  Carla tells Michelle she reckons Peter and Toyah might get back together, but is it what Carla really wants?

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Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

Great to see Jim again so it is. Puny Peter trying to have a go at him 😅😅

Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

I wish Alex had said that he was the one with the Epipen, how does Jude expect to get away with that long-term?


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