Saturday, 22 September 2018

Stars of the Week: Leanne & Toyah Battersby

You may have noticed in the title that we’re turning things up a notch this week; I’ve got not just one, but two stars of the week. I bet you’re all as excited as Imran was at the prospect of dating the Battersby sisters at the same time.

On a serious note, I’ve really enjoyed this week’s episodes. Yet again, Corrie have mastered the perfect mix of light hearted comedy and heart breaking scenes. While Sally had me on the verge of tears when she got sent to prison, it was Leanne and Toyah that stole the week for me.

To be fair to Imran, he hasn’t been around long so he doesn’t know one of the main, golden rules of Coronation Street. Don’t mess with a Battersby. Mess with two Battersbys and, well, no one can help you.

As soon as Toyah and Leanne found out they’d been diddling the same man (again), they began exacting their revenge. They somehow convinced Imran that they should make their individual lunchtime meetings more of a group activity. I mean, come on Imran. You’re an intelligent man but other things seem to have clouded your judgement. Hmm.

Leanne and Toyah’s revenge was everything love-rat Imran deserved. They left him a hefty bill at the Bistro before giving him a taste of his own medicine. Kudos to whichever member of the Coronation Street team wrote those lists, they had me creasing. Imran then sacked Leanne (not cool), but Adam managed to get her back, at the cost of Solicitor Habeeb getting on his knees in the cafe and giving a surprisingly thorough apology.

As mentioned before, Imran has now learnt a key rule. Don’t mess with a Battersby.

Who’s your Star of the Week this week?

Sophie Williams

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1 comment:

Shells said...

Love the Battersby sisters! They do have to stop sharing the same men.

And when Leanne tried to cover with the lie that she was actually seeing Adam (not Imran), both sisters were ok with it. Peter's nephew! From his twin sister! Simon's first cousin! Noooo, they need to get out of the Barlow pool altogether. :-D

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