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Monday 24 September 2018

Coronation Street Episode Monday 24th September


Fakey Katie tells gullible Liz that the hospital are refusing to admit liability and they need to take the baby-swap through the courts but unfortunately it will be too late for her because she will be in a wheelchair by the time the case would come to trial. I guess she doesn't know how quickly Weatherfield's justice system works (Sally will no doubt be out by Hallowe'en). Liz goes into research mode and finds out that a clinic in Chicago can do the experimental treatment for $25,000 (£19,000), which seems quite cheap for US medicine, to be honest. Liz says that she'll be able to contribute £10K, which Hannah and Jim don't think is enough.

Jenny remembers Liz and Jim from the first time around and thinks they are like Burton and Taylor - in a terrace. What she doesn't know that Jim is schtupping his "daughter". She is also unaware that the cut-price Taylor also had a fling with her hubby, something that Jim finds out after Steve admits that they had a fling, and Jim sees an opportunity, so he does, one that doesn't involve Liz cashing in her pension. He sends Johnny a text that reads like a ransom note: "£50K or your lovely wife finds out about you and Liz".

Poor Ken is discovering that his creative writing genius is more Edward Bulwer-Lytton than J.K Rowling. "You say anti-climax, I say bathos," he complains to the new editor of the Weatherfield Gazette. She is not interested in the meandering moaning of a backstreet Mr Chips (worse than Jeffrey Archer, apparently), but is more intrigued by Ken's new pitch of the tales of a spirited young hairdresser. Daniel points out that Barlow Snr knows nothing about hair-dressing or indeed spiritedness, which means a meet with Claudia to get some sauce source material. Claudia is more interested in talking about the time she met Sacha Distel, who was jaw drawers-dropping back in 1973! Ken 'fesses up and Claud agrees to be Ken's muse because the one thing she enjoys more than flattery is talking about herself. Don't we all, darling.

Meanwhile, Steve has arranged to practice having the time of his life with Abi, pretending that he's going to a suit fitting with Tim (there is also some filth about ring-fittings, which I can't repeat here as this is a family blog). Tracy is off to a tasting at the venue (which doesn't go too well; let's just say downstairs hair) and also has free passes to the hotel spa, something she tries to share with Steve although Steve thinks it's a very different kind of sharing.

Talking of sharing, Gina and Tim have formed a mutual appreciation society, each praising the other for their forebearance. They bond over a film about a boy and his robot, one that Sally described as a "mental enema". Let's hope Sally is out of chokey soon otherwise Leanne and Toyah might not be the only sisters sharing a fella.

Sarah's experience in the capital of fashion is making Peter a little de trop at the factory, so he arranges a meeting with Nigel, a buyer, only to offer to sell him more than knickers - he wants Nige to buy his share of the factory. Peter is as fickle in business as he is in love.

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Pat said...

When Ken and Daniel said they knew nothing about hairdressers had they forgotten that Denise, Ken's one time lover and Daniel's mother was a hairdresser? Very strange.

sbdriver said...

We just saw this episode in Canada and I immediately thought the same thing as Pat. How could they forget about Denise?!?!

sbdriver said...
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