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Saturday 22 September 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 21 September 8.30pm

We’re back. Toyah has rescued Imran after his beating at the hands of Tim and is tending his wounds and insisting that she definitely doesn’t fancy him, whilst looking at him like he’s an all-you-can-eat tofu buffet. I’m not totally convinced of the chemistry between these two but he’s at least a better match than Peter.

Tracy has found a new wedding venue and is making Steve learn a Dirty Dancing routine for their first dance. He’s forced to practice with Mary while Tracy, Beth and Abi look on, but gives up and storms off before he’s made to do ‘the lift’. It’s a wise move, Mary is a go hard or go home sort of woman and I doubt Steve’s knees could take it. Abi follows him and offers him some secret dance lessons. These will of course be totally straightforward and innocent and will in no way lead to them being tempted into any horizontal dancing.

Over at the factory Peter is feeling like Carla’s lackey so hatches a plan to buy an abandoned snooker hall which has magically appeared overnight on Victoria Street. You do have to wonder where he is getting his pots of money from? Has he done some sort of deal involving a cow and some magic beans?

Claudia is still over at the Barlow residence. She's been reading Ken’s short story which Daniel has already dismissed as being too wordy. But when she proffers a perfectly good suggestion about it having a female protagonist Ken gets a bee in his bouffant about dumbing down and practically calls her stupid. The cheek of it! Next time Claudia forget about the facial and give him a back, sack and crack wax.

Back at the McDonald’s Liz is fussing over Hannah like a spandex clad Florence Nightingale. She suggests Hannah move in so that she can look after her. Jim’s not impressed with the idea. ‘You’re supposed to be taking things slowly’ he growls. Hannah retaliates by accusing him of still having feelings for Liz, the woman who abandoned him in his hour of need. He denies it, insisting he wants them to have a future together. Later out of Hannah’s earshot Liz apologises to for not being there for him and tells him he is welcome whenever he likes. Will Jim have second thoughts about conning Elizabeth?

That’s all from me for a couple of weeks, hope you've enjoyed the last three Friday's blogs.

Next Friday you’ll be in the capable hands of Kosmo @Kosmo

by Kelly @mskelstar

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Anonymous said...

Your B, S and C wax line cracked me up thanks.

coconno196 said...

Never mind Jim's pretence that Hannah tracked him down from his army records, how did they really meet? There are so many holes in this plotline. Jim is 36 years older than Hannah! He's neither wealthy nor a well preserved movie star so their "romance" doesn't ring true. She mentioned knowing him in prison - how? Does the prison run a dating service?! Were they together before he was sent down? Seems unlikely since he robbed the bank to get Liz money to buy the Rovers. Whose idea was the scam? Imagine Jim saying " What a coincidence. Hannah is the same age as Katie would have been..." Then there's Steve trusting Jim to get the DNA test rather than going to a clinic himself! Total nonsense.

Anna said...

I do hope that Peter is not going to get together with Vicky. This would would just be a watered down version of David and Shona getting together.

coconno196 said...

Ugh! With the age difference - isn't Peter in his 50s? - that would be almost as bad as Jim and Hannah.


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