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Thursday 6 September 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 5th of Sept 8.30pm

Sophie has been unlucky in love before, with Paula making her intentions really clear, is she about to make a massive mistake? This much-trumpeted romance is about to take off tonight. 

Meanwhile, we join Tyrone and the news that the man he thought was his dad, in true Star Wars style, is not his papa. His former dad explains that his mum lied. 

Paula tells Sophie that she is bisexual. She is a confident woman and she shares the details of her love life up until now. Sophie is impressed by the bravado and chutzpah that this character has.   

Ty gets angry and thinks that 'dad' is lying. He thinks that he did a runner and then hang around for cash. Darren says he is the closest thing to his dad but was never the real thing. Poor Tyrone has a bigger shock coming, methinks. And Darren explains that his 'mum' was thin as a take. She acquired a child as opposed to giving birth to one.  

Gina seems to just giggle at everything. So not sure that she is the right person to be around Jack. Kevin thinks that the boy needs normality and that if he meets a girlfriend, that this will be fine. Will he date someone we know? 

'Hey, Jude' has his heart set on being a paramedic now. He needs to slow down and get back to his paper round because he has told enough pork pies. And now needs to sell them, only. He is heading for disaster and when folk realise he is not a life saver, surely he will exit? 

Paula and Sophie discuss back-packing and why Isla is going away. Paula thinks that she might be going just to prove mum wrong and prove that she can do it. Sophie and Paula kiss and the scene is set for a torrid romance. What will Sally say? She almost walls on in them, but just misses the kiss. Sally spots the wine but does not realise what is going on under her roof. She asks Paula if she wants to stay for dinner. 

Jude says he got a real buzz from helping Roy. But his facial expression remains very cardboard cut out. So, he is trying to woo back his ex, by living out yet another lie. Has he not heard of careers advice? 

Ty now has no identity. This is really sad, as he has such a good heart. And has clearly been dragged up by what he thought was his mum. 

Back at Sally's, Paula is quizzed about ethical dilemmas, such as self-driving cars. Sophie remains focuses on her new girlfriend. And Sally seems besotted too, by her sophisticated ways. Little does she know what is taking place. 

Paula tells Sophie that she is going to exit. She wants Sophie to keep quiet about their newfound friendship, and Sophie is keen to see her again. Sally tells Kevin he should have got Paula's number. Sophie grins as Sally completely barks up the wrong tree. 

Ty is confused and runs through what he knows about his upbringing. He jokes that he can "rule out a stork!" Thank god for Hope and Ruby, who burst in dressed as princesses. Poor Tyrone is about to have his life turned upside down. And, I for one am looking forward to seeing the new arrival who is about to shake things up in Chez Dobbs. 

That's all for this week. See ya next Wednesday. 

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