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Monday 17 September 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 17th September

I admit to having been as fooled by Big Jim as Elizabeth is - I believed that the storyliners were recycling the stories, rather than Jimmy Mac having nicked the idea from the writers (or rather from Ryan/Ali - he would've known about it as Steve was dating Michelle at the time). Really though, I should've known Fakey Katie a.k.a Hannah wasn't Liz's daughter - she wears long denim skirts and dirndl blouses rather than low cut tops and lycra trousers. Fortunately, Tracy is more circumspect than me and questions Hannah and then threatens her with the cautionary tale of the ornament and Charlie Stubbs.

Toyah hasn't given up her habit of lying, pretending she's going on the pull with Moira and staying over at her house whilst she's really going out with Handsome Imran and hoping for some Habeeb lovin'. But Leanne also wants to get a piece of the 'beeb, and says she'll meet him later. Poor exhausted Imran can't decide between the two Battersbabes, so, on Adam's advice, he makes a pros and cons list. Oh, Imran! Rookie mistake; writing things down never, ever goes well. Nonetheless, his main concern with Leanne is "her lad with his various....hmmmms", whereas Toyah is always banging on about vegetarianism. Corrie's only veggie turns up in order to seduce our fave lawyer - that desk has seen more action than Roy's grill. It's a good job the firm only has one client, who never turns up for a meeting.

Sally finds a piece of paper in the cafe and takes it to Imran, but a) overhears about Imran's two-timing and b) realises that the piece of paper contains the list of witnesses for Duncan's defence. She spills the beans to Leanne and Toyah who immediately come up with a revenge plan, which is to pretend that they are up for a threesome (ew!) whilst wining and dining on Imran's expense and then spilling the beans and splitting the joint. Poor Imran!

After Tyler's mates nick Simon's bag, Peter meets up with Vicky, Tyler's mum who makes it pretty clear that she is not going to exert any influence over Tyler's cronies and instead blames Si for her son's incarceration. Peter is even more incensed when he finds out that Carla has given her a job.

Meanwhile, a new storyline starts as an acquaintance of Adam's (a drug dealer) demands that he find his son, Cormac, a job. Adam takes him to the Bistro where it turns out he knows Ryan and he immediately offers to sell him some drugs.

And finally, Evelyn was immediately my new favourite character the moment she criticised the Stape-Dobbs/Plummer living room inspirational poster. Maureen Lipman is outstanding and I have even forgiven the casting director for expecting us to forget that she was also Lillian Spencer. Tyrone takes her on a tour of the cobbles, where Evelyn immediately puts everyone's nose out of joint with her charming personality, but not so much as when she loses the quiz by shouting out the wrong answer.

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Flo said...

Is anyone else tired of this constant influx of new, one sided characters when we have all of these established, underused characters??? Come on writers, let's do a good story with Mary (and not Jude), Rita, Gemma, etc. Too much bouncing around and too many stories left hanging. Little has been mentioned about Johnny's health issues, we hardly see Robert, and we only get snippets of that gem Amy. Recent episodes have been some of the worst I can remember in a long time, and I can tell from comments here and on social media that I'm not the only one that thinks that.

coconno196 said...

If Steve suspects Hannah is a fake, why on earth does he trust her to get the DNA test?!

Anonymous said...

So two more new characters. A drug dealer and a no good mum. What is up with the people who decide on which new characters to have?
Is it too much to ask to have ordinary law abiding decent people, or is it they fear the writers aren't up to writing interesting stories for them.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): Agree with Coconno--if you're going through all the trouble to have a DNA test because you think someone is faking, why would you cheerfully hand over your sample to her and let her send it off? Obviously she can swap it or her own for another. Totally ridiculous.

Shells said...

I think Steve trusts his Dad to send the DNA test, not Hannah.


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